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Our finances

CPAG is a leading UK charity with a proud heritage of more than 55 years of campaigning and an unparalleled reputation for the quality of our analysis and the support that we give to frontline workers.

We rely on the generosity of donors and funders to make all of this possible. CPAG's approach to fundraising is to increase our unrestricted income so we can use it where most needed, through increased individual giving, legacy and grants fundraising. Oak Foundation has funded CPAG with £1,000,000 for five years to provide core support to our work to prevent and end child and family poverty. We have also received core grants of £150,000 over three years from the John Ellerman Foundation and £100,000 over two years from the Pears Foundation

We are grateful to them and the following for their unrestricted donations: Betty Messenger Charitable Foundation, Calpe Trust, D M & J Wood Trust, Grace Trust, Hawerby Trust, Henhurst Charitable Trust, Hiller Charitable Trust, Korman Trust, Northwick Trust, Pat Newman Memorial Trust, Reverend D H and Mrs S T Clark Trust, Sir Derek Greenaway Foundation, Sydney Black Charitable Trust and William Allen Young Charitable Trust.

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Many more organisations have provided emergency funding to CPAG in response to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as funding for specific programmes or grants. These can all be found in our most recent Annual Report here

Here are some highlights for the 2019/20 financial year: 

  • The Scottish Government announced a new Scottish Child Payment of £10 per week for all children in households getting universal credit or equivalent legacy benefits following a coalition campaign spearheaded by CPAG called Give Me 5.

  • We successfully campaigned for changes to guidance from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that will help families fleeing domestic violence.

  • Campaigning from CPAG and others led to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions abolishing three-year universal credit sanctions, and announcing better support for childcare costs.

  • As a result of our ‘Computer says no’ work the DWP is making improvements to information provision in universal credit.

  • Our award-winning legal team secured victory at the High Court on bereavement support payment which should see children receive support if their parents are unmarried when one of them dies.

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For every £1 of our expenditure in 2019/20, 92.9p was spent on our charitable activities.

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million secured in assistance for low-income families during COVID-19
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