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Our finances

CPAG is a leading UK charity with a proud heritage of more than 55 years of campaigning and an unparalleled reputation for the quality of our analysis and the support that we give to frontline workers.

We rely on the generosity of donors and funders to make all of this possible. CPAG's approach to fundraising is to increase our unrestricted income so we can use it where most needed, through increased individual giving, legacy and grants fundraising. We have received core grants of £150,000 over three years from the John Ellerman Foundation and £100,000 over two years from the Pears Foundation. We are grateful to them and the following for their unrestricted donations: D M & J Wood Trust, Hiller Charitable Trust, Korman Trust, Pat Newman Memorial Trust, Reverend D H and Mrs S T Clark Trust, Sir Derek Greenaway Foundation, Sydney Black Charitable Trust and William Allen Young Charitable Trust.

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You can read our most recent Annual Report here

Here are some highlights for the 2018/19 financial year: 

  • Following sustained pressure from CPAG and others before the 2018 Budget, the Chancellor increased universal credit work allowances for families with children by £1,000 a year starting in April. That will mean up to £630 a year (just over £50 a month) in the pockets of these families.

  • We led a collaborative campaign with other charities and MPs to improve the way the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) approached managed migration in universal credit (the way people move from the existing social security system to universal credit) and succeeded in achieving significant positive change.

  • We won our legal challenge on employment and support allowance underpayments for those who were moved over from incapacity benefit. This means 70,000 people with disabilities will receive money (in some cases thousands of pounds) they should have had all along – money that will help support them and their families.

  • Our High Court case challenging the two-child limit (which limits tax credits and universal credit to two children in a family in many circumstances) partly succeeded, and now kinship carers and adoptive parents are exempt from the limit in all circumstances. We also contributed to campaigning that led to the two-child limit not being applied retrospectively. Our legal case continues, as does our coalition campaigning to lift the whole policy.

  • Our campaign on school clothing led to all local authorities in Scotland making uniform grants to eligible families of at least £100.

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For every £1 of our expenditure in 2019, 90p was spent on our charitable activities.

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a year gained for people no longer affected by the two-child limit thanks to our court case (from 2021)
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313 MPs
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of appeals won when clients represented by our advisers, compared to 68% national average for appeal tribunal victories