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CPAG is a leading UK charity with a proud heritage of more than 55 years of campaigning and an unparalleled reputation for the quality of our analysis and the support that we give to frontline workers.

We rely on the generosity of donors and funders to make all of this possible. CPAG's approach to fundraising is to increase our unrestricted income so we can use it where most needed, through increased individual giving, legacy and grants fundraising.  We have received core grants from: Oak Foundation (£1,000,000 over five years), Esmée Fairbairn Foundation (£400,000 over five years), Pears Foundation (£110,000 over two years), Betty Messenger Charitable Foundation (£50,000), Andor Charitable Trust (£10,000), as well as donations from the Henhurst Charitable Trust, Korman Trust, Reverend D H and Mrs S T Clark Trust and B L Family Foundation. A number of funders made additional donations in the past year to help ease inflationary pressures. We are grateful to them all.

We would also like to thank over 1,718 individuals who donated £260,000 in the last financial year, 75 organisations and individuals who raised £55,000 through community and events fundraising, and 11,746 supporters who contributed to our efforts in other ways to prevent and end child poverty. We would particularly like to thank everyone who donated to our Big Give cost of living crisis appeal, those who gave to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal to enable our cost of the school day work to continue, and Deborah and Laurence Harris for their generous gift towards our legal work. Read about more fundraising heroes and their stories.

A number of companies made donations or chose CPAG as their charity of the year in 2022/23. Many more organisations have provided funding for specific programmes or grants. These can all be found in our most recent PDF iconAnnual Report and audited accounts here.

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We are extremely grateful to all our supporters and hope they will continue to support us however they can. 

Here are some highlights for the 2022/23 financial year: 
  • Benefits increased by 10.1 per cent.
  • The benefit cap also increased by 10.1 per cent.
  • The UK government introduced payments to help people meet high energy costs.
  • Bereavement support payment was extended to non-married parents.
  • All under‐16s in Scotland in families claiming universal credit are now eligible for the Scottish child payment of £25 a week.
  • Universal primary free school meals have now been rolled out to the youngest learners in primary schools in Wales.
  • The Welsh government is planning Community Focused Schools to lessen the impact of poverty on children and is making progress towards a poverty strategy.

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Charitable actvities

For every £1 of our expenditure in 2022/23, 94p was spent on our charitable activities.

CPAG's annual report 2022-23

Spotlight on our work on the cost of living

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Increase in support from our social security system
families able to make retrospective claims for bereavement benefits
People supported through our helpline for frontline workers and advisers
Households we estimate have been protected from the benefit cap because it was increased by 10.1 per cent
More children in London to benefit from free school meals in 2023-24