Living Hand to Mouth

Post date: 
27 August 2019

Cover of bookLiving Hand to Mouth, by Rebecca O’Connell, Abigail Knight and Julia Brannen from the Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education, reports on the UK findings of the Families and Food in Hard Times study, highlighting the experiences and voices of children and families in low-income households.

Over four million children in Britain are growing up in poverty, with many at risk of going without nutritious or adequate food. As poverty has risen, families with children are among the hardest hit. Based on the first-hand accounts of 51 children, this book shines a spotlight on what children say about food and how they manage their everyday lives around food. It provides vital evidence about children’s lived experiences of poverty, and identifies the causes of their insufficient resources including low and fluctuating wages, inadequate benefits and high living costs.

Thanks to funding from UCL Innovation and Enterprise’s Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Fund, supported by HEIF, you can now access the full book for free. Or you can buy the book.