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Claimant Commitment: UC

These letters can be used before or after a client has been sanctioned as a result of inappropriate UC conditionality. If they have not been sanctioned, references to sanctions will need to be removed from your letter.


JR22 Claimant works part time, is carer and has a child (last updated April 2019)

JR21 Claimant has baby aged under 1 (last updated April 2019)

JR20 Claimant has baby aged 1 (last updated April 2019)

JR38 Claimant has child aged 2 (last updated June 2019)

JR16 Claimant has child aged 3 or 4 (last updated March 2019)

JR26 Claimant has child aged 5 - 12 (last updated April 2019)

JR25 Claimant has child aged 13 + (last updated April 2019)

JR39 Mental health (simple edits needed for physical health) (last updated June 2019)


Accepting the claimant commitment

JR58 FileDS1500 has been provided but claimant has been required to accept a claimant commitment(last updated Oct 2019)