The Cost of the School Day Toolkit, updated 2023

This toolkit is designed to get everyone talking about The Cost of the School Day. This resource helps all members of your school community - children and young people, teachers and school staff, parents and carers – to join the discussion and have input into making Cost of the School Day changes. Every school is unique, so this toolkit ensures that every school community can form a unique plan.

Newly updated and refreshed, this toolkit sets out the Cost of the School Day process in five straightforward steps; and features editable action plans, updated information and resources to facilitate whole school conversations about the barriers costs create and how to tackle them, and lots of new practice suggestions. 

You can either download the full toolkit below, or download each step separately as you work through the process. If you decide to take it step by step, it's a good idea to read the introduction and overview to begin with to help plan your activities.


PDF iconDownload the toolkit

Start by reading the introduction and overview, then download each step as you reach that point in your Cost of the School Day journey.

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Cost of the school day toolkit Step 1

This first step is all about planning, communicating, raising awareness of poverty and bringing people together from all parts of the school community to take action.

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Cost of the school day toolkit Step 2

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork and planned what you’re going to do, it’s time to make sure that everyone is included in the discussion.

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cost of the school day toolkit Step 3

Step Three is about working through what everyone discussed, and then deciding how your school is going to tackle the cost barriers you all found.

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cost of the school day toolkit step 4

This is where all the discussion, consideration and creative thinking comes together and you put changes everyone has contributed to in place.

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cost of the school day toolkit step 5

Now that your school community has taken action to reduce and remove costs, you can start to assess how well they are working.

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Go to our resources section for lots more information and links to other organisations.

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The Cost of the School Day Toolkit was originally commissioned by NHS Health Scotland (now Public Health Scotland). The development of earlier versions of the Parent Council resource, Cost of the School Day Flashcards and Supporting Families Affected by Poverty was supported by Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership, Glasgow City Council, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Glasgow Centre for Population Health and the former Glasgow Parent Council Forum. National perspectives on the Parent Council resource were developed by the National Parent Forum of Scotland.