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**Fully Booked ** Coronavirus – benefits and work, 31 July 2020 ONLINE

31st July 2020
The coronavirus outbreak has seen a huge rise in benefit claims, and a surge of enquiries about how new rules affect people temporarily unable to work. The course covers: •...

Supporting benefit claimants online (Scotland) 19 August 2020 ONLINE **Fully booked**

19th August 2020
Online Scotland
Home working, social distancing and self-isolation present unique challenges to frontline workers. This course is an opportunity to discuss how advisers and support workers can best help people navigate the...

** Fully Booked** How ‘reliability’ regulation 4 can save PIP, 23 July 2020 ONLINE

23rd July 2020
This half-day online training course explains how PIP entitlement ‘points’ can be scored if you show you cannot do something ‘reliably’. In this way, understanding reliability regulation 4 is vital...

Benefits for EEA nationals (Scotland) 7 - 8 July 2020 ONLINE **FULLY BOOKED**

7th July 2020 to 8th July 2020
Online Scotland
This course looks at the benefit rules that particularly affect EEA nationals. Focusing on the operation of the right to reside, habitual residence and past presence tests in social security...

** Fully Booked** Using the ‘aids and appliances’ rules in PIP, 27 July 2020 ONLINE

27th July 2020
This half-day online training course explains how the need for ‘aids and appliances’ can help establish and protect a PIP claim. The same rules can also reduce entitlements. This course...

Scottish social security - an overview (Scotland) 29 - 30 July 2020 ONLINE ** FULLY BOOKED**

29th July 2020 to 30th July 2020
Online Scotland
This course gives an overview of which benefits have been and are to be devolved and delivered by Social Security Scotland. Aimed at advisers with a working knowledge of the...

Students and benefits - an update (Scotland) 1 July 2020 ONLINE **FULLY BOOKED**

1st July 2020
Online Scotland
Make sure you know how recent benefit changes are likely to affect students during the coronavirus outbreak. This course is for advisers with a good working knowledge of the benefits...

How universal credit is calculated, 26 June 2020 ONLINE

26th June 2020
This half-day online training course introduces advisers to how the UC calculation works. It looks at how the monthly UC ‘maximum amount’ compares to monthly income, and how the UC...

Universal credit for ill health and disability (Scotland) 15 - 16 July 2020 ONLINE *Fully booked**

15th July 2020 to 16th July 2020
Online Scotland
This course looks at the universal credit (UC) rules that particularly affect ill or disabled people. It will equip you to advise clients about the transfer to UC, including through...

**FULLY BOOKED** Mental Health and Benefits, 27 & 28 August 2020 ONLINE

27th August 2020 to 28th August 2020
This one-day standard level course (delivered over four one-hour 15 minute modules, across two consecutive mornings) provides a practical and tactical look at working with people with mental health diagnoses...