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Income maximisation for families (Glasgow) Thursday 19 March 2020

19th March 2020
This half-day course looks at changes to benefits for people starting a family and families with young children, both in and out of work. Maximising income in the early years...

PIP - caselaw update (Glasgow) Wednesday 25 September 2019

25th September 2019
This half-day course includes a round up of the latest personal independence payment (PIP) caselaw. Practical examples give advisers the chance to discuss the latest caselaw developments and consider the...

Universal credit, ESA and the work capability assessment (Glasgow) Thursday 3 October 2019

3rd October 2019
This essential one-day course gives you an introduction to the work capability assessment that applies to employment and support allowance (ESA) and universal credit (UC). Assuming little or no experience...

Universal credit (Glasgow) Tuesday 24 September 2019

24th September 2019
The roll out of universal credit (UC) full service is now complete. Anyone of working age needing to make a new claim for benefit to top up a low income...

Scottish social security (Dundee) Tuesday 10 September 2019

10th September 2019
Scottish benefits are here! Social Security Scotland, a new agency of the Scottish Government, has started paying devolved benefits. This course focuses on the first Scottish benefits – carer’s allowance...

Benefits for disabled children from age 16 (Glasgow) Tuesday 10 March 2020

10th March 2020
This basic level course focuses on the transition to adult benefits from age 16 for young people with disabilities or health problems who still live at home. It looks at...

Kinship care, looked-after children and the benefits system (Glasgow) Thursday 26 September 2019

26th September 2019
This course looks at benefit issues where there is social work involvement with a child and their family. It covers kinship care and children looked after by the local authority...

Challenging work capability assessment decisions (Glasgow) Thursday 29 August 2019

29th August 2019
The work capability assessment (WCA) applies in both employment and support allowance (ESA) and universal credit (UC). Claimants who fail the WCA can challenge that on appeal, but need support...

Universal credit - housing costs (London) Thursday 23 January 2020

23rd January 2020
Universal Credit (UC) claimants often have difficulties getting their Housing Costs element included in their claim and having the right amount paid on time. This one-day course focuses on the...

Benefits for EEA nationals (London) Tuesday 24 March 2020

24th March 2020
This one-day standard level course looks at the benefit rules that particularly affect EEA nationals. Focusing on the operation of the right to reside, habitual residence and past presence tests...