What's poverty like?

We've been working with some excellent students from the London College of Communication to show what poverty is like. These animations are the students' interpretations, based on the experience of children living in poverty.

Animator Sam Walters reimagines a furniture advert.

Animator Adam Silverman compares the life of a child not living in poverty with one living in poverty. The latter child has fewer opportunities and more stress to contend with.

Animators Fiona Lei and Sherry Li show some of the many things children living in poverty may have to go without.

Animator Irene Corral de Gaspar enters a child's imagination, and the crashing reality of a home with no food in the fridge.

Animators Lily Taita, Mark Thomas and Joe Flood interpret the fear experienced by many when the rent or a bill is due and there's no money to pay it.

Animators Rebecca Dyer and Abida Hussein interpret the feelings expressed by children living in poverty, and how these restrict their choices.

Animators Isaac Ali and Harrison Emmanuel interpret the feelings of children who can't join their friends on school trips because their parents can't afford the cost.

Animators Su Ou and Delsin Huang explore the worries and isolation experienced by some children in poverty.

Animator Ali Atakan interprets the experience of poverty through a child's drawing.

Animator Bofan Liu evokes the feelings children might experience when they have to leave a much-loved home because they can't afford to live there anymore.