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The Cost of a child in Scotland in 2022 - update

A report commissioned by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland from the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University has found a widening gap between the cost of raising a child in Scotland and actual family incomes, despite the significant impact of Scottish government policies and lower childcare costs.

'You have to take it back to the bricks’: Reforming emergency support to reduce demand for food banks

Emergency support plays a small but vital role in the social security system. It is there to help families through one-off shocks that cause a sudden drop in income or increase in costs, such as the onset of a health problem or the washing machine breaking down. But, in practice, many families are not getting the support they need when they need it, and this is contributing to the rising demand for food banks.

The Cost of a Child in Scotland 2022

A report analyzing the impact Scottish government policies and lower childcare costs have on the costs of bringing up a child.

Policy briefings

Priorities for the 2023-24 Programme for Government

Tackling child poverty in Scotland is a priority for the Scottish government, and the government's policies are working to reduce child poverty. However more needs to be done to ensure Scotland meets it's legally binding child poverty targets. We have set out what the Scottish government's spending priorities should be to ensure child poverty targets are met. 

Cost of Living and ChildPoverty : Scottish Government Debate: Briefing for MSPs

On 18th April, the Scottish Parliament will hold a debate - 'Supporting Scotland with Cost of Living and Reducing Child Poverty'. This is the MSP briefing CPAG has produced for that debate.

Consultation responses

Our response to the Fairer Council Tax consultation

Our response to the Scottish government and COSLA's consultation on fairer council tax.

Scottish child payment - what next?

Did you miss our event on the future of the Scottish child payment? The slides are now available.

CPAG - FPA consultation on Scotland's public finances in 2023-24

CPAG in Scotland’s response to the Finance and Public Administration Committee’s consultation on ‘Scotland's public finances in 2023-24: the impact of the cost of living and public service reform’


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Give Me Five is a coalition of faith groups, children’s charities, anti-poverty groups and trade union groups, supported by the Children and Young People’s Commissioner, campaigning since 2016 for a top up to child benefit of at least £5 per week.


The Scottish Campaign on Rights to Social Security (SCORSS) is a diverse coalition of organisations working across Scotland with expertise across a range of different aspects of the social security system.
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CPAG in Scotland works with other Scottish members of the End Child Poverty campaign - a coalition of 150 organisations from civic society including children’s charities, child welfare organisations, social justice groups, faith groups, trade unions and others, united in our vision of a UK free of child poverty.
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Menu for Change

CPAG are one of four project partners for A Menu for Change in Scotland, a partnership project which aims to evolve the emergency response to food insecurity in Scotland away from a foodbank first to a cash and rights based response whilst helping to tackle the underlying drivers.
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Local child poverty action

The Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 has initiated action across Scotland to reduce current child poverty targets in line with Ministerial effort. CPAG in Scotland is providing a wide range of support to local authorities, NHS Boards and others who are subject to a new Duty requiring them to make a step change in how they plan and deliver local and regional services and interventions.
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Cost of the School Day

School costs can put pressure on low-income families and put children at risk of missing out on opportunities and feeling different, excluded and unhappy. The Cost of the School Day involves children and young people, parents/carers and school staff in identifying financial barriers and in taking action to remove them.