Early Warning System in Scotland


The Early Warning System (EWS) was set up by CPAG in Scotland to collect and analyse case evidence about how changes in the benefit system are affecting the wellbeing of children, their families and the communities and services that support them.

We analyse queries made to our advice service, submissions from frontline workers, including welfare rights advisors, housing officers and support workers.

The cases and research are enabling us to develop and share our knowledge on the impact of changes to the benefit system and to identify how policies and services in Scotland can continue to contribute to delivery of better outcomes for children.

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This project is supported by Children, Young People & Families Early Intervention Fundervention Fund, managed on behalf of the Scottish Government by CORRA foundation. CORRA have a number of useful resources available on their website, including information about the UNCRC. 

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For further information about the Early Warning System findings or contributing case studies, please contact:

Kirsty McKechnie

Tel: 0141 611 7091

Email: [email protected]


Latest from the Early Warning System in Scotland

Five years of the two-child limit

06 April 2022
Kirsty McKechnie writes about what we have learned from the Early Warning System case evidence about impact and operation of the two-child limit in Scotland.

Universal credit and childcare

This reports looks at the challenges universal credit poses for parents who rely on it to pay for their childcare costs and for childcare staff who rely on it to supplement their incomes.

Access to universal credit for refugees and their families

This report highlights findings from the Early Warning System and meetings with organisations supporting refugees about experiences of claiming universal credit and some of the difficulties encountered.