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The Early Warning System

If you're an adviser working with people who have been affected by changes to the social security system and want to share details of a case:

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What is the Early Warning System?

The Early Warning System (EWS) gathers information and case studies about the impact of welfare reform on children and families across the UK.

How you can get involved

If you or any of your colleagues work with individuals and families who have been affected by changes to the benefit system, and you think that someone needs to know about their experience, then you should get involved.

Our impact

This is what the Early Warning System has achieved so far.

Latest from the Early Warning System

Computer says 'No!' - Stage two: challenging decisions

In the second in this series, our report looks at problems with understanding decisions, challenging errors and protecting the rights of people claiming universal credit (UC). It outlines some of the problems claimants experience when they try to challenge a decision about their UC award. These problems have been identified by analysing case studies received via CPAG’s Early Warning System (EWS).

A package to restore benefits for children could lift more than 700,000 children out of poverty

05 June 2019
Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is calling for re-investment in social security support for the UK’s children in a new report detailing the costs of restoring a catalogue of cuts to social security - including sub-inflationary uprating since 2013/14 - and providing a blueprint for making universal credit fit for families.

Universal credit: what needs to change

Universal credit: what needs to change to reduce child poverty and make it fit for families? calls for design and funding changes to improve claimants’ experience of universal credit and to reduce child poverty.


Early Warning System e-bulletin - February 2019

Updates on natural migration onto UC, assessment period inflexibility, the two child limit, and disabled people losing SDP.

Early Warning System e-bulletin - November 2018

A summary of the main issues that come through to the Early Warning System, and what we’re doing about them.

Early Warning System e-bulletin - September 2018

A call for case examples of errors in the administration of housing costs contribution in universal credit.

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