Cost of the School Day Voice

New network for learners to tackle the Cost of the School Day

Cost of the School Day Voice is a new network of children and young people taking action on school costs and having their say on poverty and education. 

Any school in Scotland can sign up to The Cost of the School Day Voice network here. The network promotes the work of the equity groups we know are already making big changes in their schools and supports new groups from P5 to S6 to form and get involved. When you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a welcome pack with everything you need to get started.

equity learner group

Why are we setting up The Cost of the School Day Voice network?

At the Cost of the School Day project we know that young people care about fairness, rights and equity, have great ideas about making school more inclusive, are passionate about taking the lead on reducing costs in their schools and want to contribute to creating change:

“If we’re not heard then we can’t make a difference.” (S4 Learner)

What can learners and schools expect from taking part?

When your school joins the Cost of the School Day Voice network you’ll be able to learn, share and inspire others through your work and ideas. Your group will have access to lots of great activities and opportunities to help members grow their understanding and skills - learning about campaigning and awareness raising, co-producing resources, taking part in the Voice online meet up with other groups to share knowledge, and trying out lots of specially designed activities.learner cost of the school day discussion group

As your group develops over the coming months there will be the chance to showcase what you are doing to challenge poverty and make your school even more inclusive. Children and young people will have their voices and ideas heard by decision makers about the issues that matter through the Cost of the School Day Big Questions.

The Big Question

We want to make sure that children’s voices can help to inform national poverty and education policy for the better - so during Challenge Poverty Week, which took place this year from the 2rd to the 8th of October, Cost of the School Day Voice network members had the chance to tell politicians and policymakers what they think about school costs, and what makes them feel ready to learn.

We heard from 5394 young people in 80 schools across 21 different local authorities. Young people of all ages agreed on the top 5 problem school costs: uniform, food, resources for learning (including devices), travel and school trips. We explored two of these themes, food and trips, in more detail and we'll be looking at what children and young people have said about them over the coming months. We will also be sharing what young people told us with politicians and policymakers, and asking them to respond.

Get in touch

Our Cost of the School Day Participation Officer Kirsty Campbell is available to support your work and answer any questions, [email protected]. The rest of the Cost of the School Day team is also on hand for questions and support at [email protected]

This is a chance for learners to make a difference and tackle poverty in their schools. We look forward to hearing their voices – sign up to Cost of the School Day Voice now!


Thank you to St John Ogilvie High School in South Lanarkshire for providing these pictures of their Cost of the School Day group.