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About CPAG training courses

CPAG's experience in the welfare rights field is unrivalled. Our rights handbooks are the definitive guides for those working in advice, support and advocacy nationwide.

We have used this experience and expertise to inform and design the courses in our programme and we make sure our trainers have an equal level of expertise. 


It is important to choose the right level of course

Basic level courses: for frontline workers who do not work specifically in welfare rights, but who want to know about the benefit issues relevant to their clients to give basic advice or refer on. 

Introductory level courses: for people new to benefit advice work, or who have little or no experience of the subject covered by the course.

Standard level courses: for people with a working knowledge of the benefits system, or the subject covered by the course. These courses are suitable for people wanting a refresher, or to update skills or information.

Experienced level courses: for more experienced benefit advisers who are confident about covering issues in more, and sometimes complex, detail.


Course times

Full-day courses run from 10am until 4.30pm, with registration, tea and coffee from 9.30am. Half-day courses usually run from 1pm until 4pm, with registration, tea and coffee from 12.30pm.


In-house training – we can come to you

We can provide our courses in-house at your premises, nationwide, to meet the training needs of your organisation. Click here for more information.  


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