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Factsheets and resources

Explore our wide range of factsheets and resources on benefits and tax credits.

Scottish social security

Some benefits are already different in Scotland and some are transferring from the UK to Scotland
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Advising BAME communities

This project aims to support those working with black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in Scotland - including migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers. We provide a range of training, information and support for organisations and those working with BAME groups.
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Children and families project

This project focuses on two main issues: disabled children and their families; and situations where a child is living away from her/his birth family. We aim to increase awareness and raise expertise in advising these client groups on getting their full entitlement of benefits and tax credits.
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Students and benefits

This project aims to increase the number of low income students in Scotland in further and higher education and reduce the impact of poverty on students. We produce a range of factsheets and the Benefits for Students in Scotland Handbook.
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Tax credits and early years

This project aims to contribute to a reduction in the number of families living in poverty in Scotland by maximizing income and other help available through tax credits. As we move to universal credit, our focus is on families who rely on this vital support.
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Universal credit in Scotland

Are you ready to meet the challenge of universal credit? It's the biggest change to the social security system in sixty years, replacing working age means-tested benefits and tax credits. Keep up with the latest developments, resources and training in Scotland here.

Early Warning System in Scotland

The Early Warning System (EWS) was set up by CPAG in Scotland to collect and analyse case evidence about how welfare changes are affecting the wellbeing of children, their families and the communities and services that support them.