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Judicial Review pre-action letters

The following links are to pre-action protocol template letters. We hope you find them useful. This list is being constantly updated, so please check back if you cannot find the letter you are looking for, or contact us to see if it is something we are planning to produce: jrproject@cpag.org.uk

Email address for pre-action protocol letters: legal.queries@dwp.gov.uk 

THESE LETTERS ARE FOR USE IN ENGLAND AND WALES. If you intend to use any of these letters in Scotland, please use with caution as changes will be needed. Some changes are detailed here

It is possible that the DWP will respond to your letter along these lines: "Judicial review is inappropriate. However the decision has been changed on mandatory reconsideration”. This is a success for your client. 

Please give us feedback if you have used any of the letters by answering this quick survey.