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Changing decisions - mandatory reconsiderations and other tactics (Glasgow) 10 November 2020

10th November 2020
If you are an adviser who faces barriers to overcoming problems with universal credit or other benefit claims and decisions, this course gives you the essential knowledge you need. To...

Students and benefits - an update (Glasgow) 17 November 2020

17th November 2020
Make sure you know what benefit changes are in the pipeline and likely to affect students, in particular with the continuing introduction of universal credit. The course is for advisers...

Universal credit update and tactics (Glasgow) 2 February 2021

2nd February 2021
Universal credit changes all the time, as the law is amended, as it is implemented in practice, and as local delivery changes. This course is an opportunity for experienced advisers...

Social security law update (Glasgow) 25 March 2021

25th March 2021
Social security law and tax credit law can change from day to day and advisers need to keep abreast of developments to advise their clients correctly. Arranged under topic headings...