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Benefit and Tax Credit Law Update, 21 & 22 October 2020 ONLINE

21st October 2020 to 22nd October 2020
Social security law and tax credit law can change from day to day and advisers need to keep abreast of developments to advise their clients correctly. Arranged under topic headings...

Universal credit problem areas – achieving ‘complex needs’ status for UC claimants, 22 October 2020 ONLINE

22nd October 2020
This half-day online training course explains how the universal credit (UC) ‘Complex Needs’ rules work, who is covered and what this should mean for UC claimants. It also covers how...

Students and benefits – an update, 23 October 2020 ONLINE

23rd October 2020
Make sure you know how recent benefit changes are likely to affect students during the coronavirus outbreak. This course is for advisers with a good working knowledge of the benefits...

Universal Credit for Disabled People, 28 & 29 October 2020 ONLINE

28th October 2020 to 29th October 2020
This one-day standard level course (delivered over four one-hour 15 minute modules, across two consecutive mornings) looks at the universal credit (UC) rules that particularly affect ill or disabled people...

Universal credit problem areas – severe disability premium and consequences, 2 November 2020 ONLINE

2nd November 2020
This half-day online training course introduces the impact of the ‘SDP Gateway’ on entitlement to UC and Natural Migration, as well as who is protected by the Gateway and who...

DLA for Children (London) 2 November 2020

2nd November 2020
Disability living allowance (DLA) is the main way of meeting the additional needs of many children yet it is under claimed and can be hard to understand. This course looks...

How ‘reliability’ regulation 4 can save PIP, 3 November 2020 ONLINE

3rd November 2020
This half-day online training course explains how PIP entitlement ‘points’ can be scored if you show you cannot do something ‘reliably’. In this way, understanding reliability regulation 4 is vital...

Using the ‘aids and appliances’ rules in PIP, 4 November 2020 ONLINE

4th November 2020
This half-day online training course explains how the need for ‘aids and appliances’ can help establish and protect a PIP claim. The same rules can also reduce entitlements. This course...

Universal Credit for Disabled People (Birmingham) 5 November 2020

5th November 2020
As the migration to universal credit (UC) continues more people with ill health and disabilities will come under UC. This course looks at the UC rules that particularly affect ill...

Representing at the First-tier Tribunal (Glasgow) 5 - 6 November 2020

5th November 2020 to 6th November 2020
This popular two-day course gives a basic grounding in representing clients at the First-tier Tribunal. Through mock tribunals, participants gain experience in a safe environment where there is nothing to...