Universal credit

Financial help in the early years

July 2023
This factsheet outlines the financial help available from pregnancy to school age in Scotland.

The limits of test and learn

14 November 2023
Today the DWP published the latest data on the outcomes of tax credit claimants who have been sent their ‘migration notice’. This is a letter informing people that they have three months to make a claim for universal credit (UC), at which point their tax credit payments will be terminated. The data reveals that 16,000 people sent a migration notice did not make the transition to UC and had their legacy benefits terminated. This equates to 27 per cent of those who have been sent a migration notice and reached their deadline (based on those sent a migration notice in the first half of 2023).

Destitute EU nationals with PSS can rely on EU Charter of Fundamental Rights to obtain Universal Credit

SSWP v AT (AIRE Centre and IMA Intervening) [2022] UKUT 330 (AAC); SSWP v AT [2023] EWCA Civ 1307
Judgment of the Upper Tribunal three judge panel dismissing the Secretary of State’s appeal against the decision of the First-tier Tribunal was given on 12 December 2022. The Secretary of State appealed to the Court of Appeal The case was heard in the Court of Appeal from 8 - 10 March 2023. A further hearing took place on 10 October 2023. The judgment of the Court of Appeal is due to be handed down on 8 November 2023.

No requirement to request backdating before a claim to universal credit determined

AM v SSWP (UC) [2022] UKUT 242 (AAC); Abdul Miah (by his litigation friend Mashuq Miah) (Respondent) v SSWP
The Upper Tribunal judgment in this case holds that a claimant who does not ask for backdating when they initially make their claim of universal credit ("UC") and does not amend their claim before it is decided, can nonetheless obtain backdating by later requesting a revision of the decision which only awarded UC from the day on which the claim was submitted. There is therefore no need for a claimant to have made a request for backdating at the claim stage in order for it to be considered. SSWP appealed to the Court of Appeal and the appeal was heard on 7 November 2023. The judgment of the Court of Appeal is awaited.

Parents claiming for young people in further education or training

October 2023
Factsheet explaining when a parent, or someone responsible for a child, can continue to claim benefit for a child aged 16 or over.

Tax credits: moving on to universal credit

October 2023
This factsheet covers the differences between tax credits and universal credit.

CPAG's Autumn Statement Representation

13 October 2023
Our recommendations to the UK government in advance of the Autumn Statement.

Universal credit – past, present and future

06 October 2023
CPAG in Scotland’s Early Warning System has been operating for ten years! Over Challenge Poverty Week we are looking back at some of the social security events in this period, key findings from the Early Warning System and how they have influenced policy and practise. This blogs looks back at universal credit and how Early Warning System evidence can influence its future. 

2.3 million children in households receiving less universal credit than they’re entitled to

22 September 2023
As more families migrate from older benefits to universal credit, new official figures show there are 2.3 million children in households on universal credit (UC) which are having debt deductions from their benefit, forcing them to live on significantly less than their entitlement.