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Universal credit

Financial help in the early years

November 2021
This factsheet outlines the financial help available from pregnancy to school age.

New universal credit rules could force disabled youngsters out of education

08 December 2021
New universal credit (UC) rules could force non-dependent disabled youngsters out of education because they will be left without enough money to live on if they need means-tested support, CPAG warns.

Disabled young learners locked out of universal credit

08 December 2021
New regulations will come into force on 15 December 2021 that further restrict access to universal credit (UC) for disabled young people in education. This contradicts government policy to support disabled people ‘to live independently and achieve their potential’ by making it harder for them to advance their skills or in some cases complete basic education.

Transforming social security: How do we provide secure futures for children and families?

03 December 2021
Our Secure Futures for Children and Families project asks the question: What does a social security system that provides a secure future for children and families look like? Through a programme of roundtable events with different audiences, four citizens’ juries, and a series of written contributions, we have explored this question in detail. This report brings together what we learned from these activities.

Tax credits: moving on to universal credit

November 2021
This factsheet covers the differences between tax credits and universal credit.

Universal credit

November 2021
This factsheet provides an overview of universal credit and summarises the main rules affecting claimants.

Policy briefing – The problem with universal credit’s assessment periods and how to fix it

22 November 2021
UC claimants paid weekly, two-weekly or four-weekly sometimes receive an additional pay cheque in a single UC assessment period. This causes the claimant’s UC award to drop significantly even when there is no change in their circumstances. CPAG frequently hears from working claimants struggling to manage financially because their UC income is so volatile.

Kinship carers and universal credit

Kinship care
This factsheet explains the universal credit rules for kinship carers.

DWP ending universal credit claims and demanding whole-award repayments

13 November 2021
People who claimed universal credit at the start of the pandemic when face-to-face identity checks were suspended have had their claims stopped and demands for the repayment of their entire award, Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) reports.

Early Warning System e-bulletin - October 2021

October 2021
The Early Warning System collects evidence from advisers about how welfare reform is affecting their clients. We use this data for campaigns, in discussions with DWP, and to produce advice resources.