Child poverty statistics

Campaigners respond to latest government child poverty data: “ another stark reminder of the urgent need to support family incomes”

31 March 2022
Child poverty campaigners today responded to the publication of the latest official child poverty data at UK and Scotland level.

Official poverty statistics: Government pulled children out of poverty - but universal credit cut will push them back again

31 March 2022
Today’s annual poverty statistics show an estimated 400,000 children were pulled out of poverty last year when universal credit (UC) was increased by £20 per week. But the Government’s decision to cut UC last October will have pushed those children back into poverty. On top of the Chancellor’s failure to bring benefits in line with inflation from April, families in poverty will suffer even more as costs soar.

New report on the Cost of a Child in Scotland 2022

09 March 2022
A new report finds that Scottish government policies could help cover up to a third of the 'cost of a child' for low income families

The Cost of a Child in Scotland 2022

09 March 2022
A report analyzing the impact Scottish government policies and lower childcare costs have on the costs of bringing up a child.

Scottish Budget Debate (Stage 1) Briefing

26 January 2022
Ahead of stage 1 of the debate on the Scottish budget on the 27th of January, CPAG in Scotland have published a briefing outlining the impact that doubling the Scottish child payment in this budget will have for families in Scotland. The briefing also outlines further action that needs to be taken including the doubling of bridging payments and rolling out universal free school meals from August 2022 as promised.

Our response to the Scottish Budget

09 December 2021
Budget response: Doubling of Scottish child payment “big step forward on path to meeting Scotland child poverty targets”, say campaigners

Scottish child payment to double from April

29 November 2021
"Hugely welcome”: Child poverty campaigners respond to FM’s conference commitment to double Scottish child payment from April

Official figures: number of families affected by two-child limit reaches 318,000

15 July 2021
Official figures out today show the number of families affected by the two-child limit in universal credit and tax credits jumped by 67,000 in the year to April 2021 to reach 318,000. 1.1 million children are now affected by the policy, up from 900,000 in April 2020.

Tackling Poverty - Briefing for MSPs

07 June 2021
A briefing outlining the current situation in regards to poverty in Scotland, the progress that has been made so far in tackling poverty and the steps that can be taken to meet child poverty targets, including taking action to double the Scottish child payment in the first year of this parliament.

Back to the 20th century: our child poverty disaster

21 May 2021
The rise in child poverty over the last six years has all but wiped out all the progress that had been made since the late 1990s. As the latest official poverty statistics showing this were published just before Easter, this is not exactly news. But the message needs repeating because the muted reaction to what can only be called a disaster suggests it is not just the UK government who would prefer to look the other way.