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01 April 2021
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Who can get a young carer grant

You can get a young carer grant if:

Caring for someone with a disability

To get a young carer grant the person you provide care for must be getting either:

  • personal independence payment, daily living component;
  • disability living allowance or child disability payment care component, middle or highest rate; or
  • attendance allowance.

‘Care’ means something that involves an activity which promotes the physical, mental or emotional wellbeing of the person you are caring for. You must not be providing the care under a contract or as voluntary work.

How many hours

In the 13 week period before you claim you must have provided 208 hours of care and you must have provided it in at least 10 of the 13 weeks. The hours of care can be made up of the time you spend caring for up to three people who have disabilities.

Has someone else received a young carer grant

You cannot normally get a young carer grant if someone else has, in the year before you claim, received a young carer grant for the person you care for.

How much is the young carer grant

The young carer grant is £308.15 and you can get one grant per year. You can get a maximum of three grants in total.

Claiming a young carer grant

To claim you can:

If you disagree with the decision made by Social Security Scotland on your young carer grant claim you can challenge this decision.

Read about the legislation on the young carer grant.