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New child poverty map reveals need for local and national action

08 November 2016
The End Child Poverty coalition has published a new child poverty map covering Scotland and the rest of the UK. The new figures reveal that poverty affects children in every part of Scotland, with as many as 34% of children living in poverty in some local authority areas - compared to one in ten in others (see Table 1 below). Across the UK more than three and a half million children are living in poverty, with 220 000 of them in Scotland.

NEEDS ADDING (NO DOC) Briefing paper: Learning from the Cost of the School Day project

19 October 2016
Read the new briefing paper on the findings of Cost of the School Day project.

Scottish Government consulation on social security in Scotland

19 October 2016
Read our briefing which give an overview of some of the key points we’re likely to raise in our consultation response. These include the need to use new ‘top-up’ power to invest in child benefit and the need to ensure benefits for carers and disabled people are adequate and fairly delivered.