"I want my voice to be heard": What London families want from their local councillors

Post date: 
12 April 2022

London is one of the greatest and richest cities in the world. But for too many Londoners and their children, proximity to the city’s affluence does not mean sharing in this wealth – adequate employment, affordable housing and fit-for-purpose childcare are often out of reach. In fact, after accounting for housing costs, London has the highest rate of child poverty of any region in the UK.

In order to better understand the concerns, challenges and needs of Londoners living on a low income, CPAG commissioned our London Calling panel of 32 parents from a Black and minority ethnic background - one participant from each of London’s boroughs. All panellists are in either full or part-time work and are in receipt of working tax credit or universal credit. They include single parents, couple parents, blended families and extended families. Panellists live in a variety of types of housing.

We asked our London Calling panel what they want their councillors to prioritise. They highlighted five main themes: childcare, free school meals, housing, children’s activities and community engagement.