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11 November 2021

The Irish News

'Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said analysis shows the rise in child poverty can be stopped "if we make good decisions for children now".'

Charities warn one in four children will be in poverty in NI by 2024/25 unless Executive takes action

8 November 2021

The Mirror

'The case was brought by Child Poverty Action Group on behalf of two families where the mother had died, leaving the fathers caring for their young children.'

Bereavement benefit changes explained and who qualifies for £10,000 backdated payments

27 October 2021

The Guardian

'Sara Ogilvie, the policy director of Child Poverty Action Group, said: “The long-overdue decision to lower the universal credit taper rate will help lots of low earners. But there was nothing for those who cannot work – carers, those with young children and people who are sick or disabled – who face the same cost pressures as other households and will still have a black hole in their finances after the universal credit cut.”'

Millions will not benefit from Sunak’s ‘tax cut for low paid’, say activists

6 October 2021

The Evening Standard

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, said: “The Prime Minister’s vocabulary was action-packed but the big action for struggling families has been a Universal Credit cut that leaves them without enough to live on."'

Have the guts to cancel Universal Credit cut, charities urge Government

30 September 2021

The Guardian

'The chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, Alison Garnham, said: “Ministers are right to worry about low-income families, but now isn’t the time for stop-gap measures. Grants offer no stability to millions of struggling households, and will leave far too many out of pocket when the £20 universal credit cut hits.”'

UK’s new £500m winter hardship fund branded as ‘sticking plaster’

25 September 2021

The Mirror

'Campaigner Marcus, 23, who last year forced PM Boris Johnson into a U-turn on free school meals, added: “On October 6, millions lose a lifeline. It’s a move that Child Poverty Action Group says will raise child poverty to one in three.”'

Marcus Rashford begs Boris Johnson to axe £20 Universal Credit cut set to hit millions

22 September 2021

The Guardian

'Child Poverty Action Group chief executive Alison Garnham said: “The committee is right to insist on a cross-departmental poverty-reduction plan with clear targets and championed from No 10. Without that focus and commitment, rising poverty will prove to be a ticking timebomb for children and for our wider prosperity.”'

Ministers have no clear plan to tackle child poverty, say cross-party MPs

20 September 2021

The Law Society Gazette

Article by CPAG head of policy Sophie Howes

Access to justice and digitalisation in universal credit

7 September 2021

The Daily Record

'The charity commissioned research from the Child Poverty Action Group which reveals how much the £20-a-week Universal Credit increase has helped limit the damage of previous cuts to social security for working families since 2010.'

Universal Credit cut next month will affect hairdressers, shop workers and carers the most, charity warns

6 September 2021

The Express

CPAG's research with Action for Children

‘I’m going to struggle’ Shop-workers and carers tell all ahead of Universal Credit cut

1 September 2021

Wales Online

A new report from the Child Poverty Action Group shows 55,000 children living in poverty do not get free school meals in Wales because of strict eligibility rules and comparatively high child poverty rates.

Wales is lagging behind the rest of the UK at providing free school meals

1 September 2021

BBC News Online

'Childcare costs are 30% higher in inner London than the national average and 50% higher than some other regions, according to Child Poverty Action Group.'

Childcare costs: London parents call for review

31 August 2021

The Irish Times

Save the Children and the Child Poverty Action Group have already warned that an extra 11,000 children in the north could fall into poverty if the cut goes ahead.

Scrapping of £20 Universal Credit uplift will hit most vulnerable

The Big Issue

'Strict eligibility rules are locking roughly 36 per cent of disadvantaged kids out of the free food scheme, according to Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and Covid Realities, with experts dubbing the proportion of children affected “an outrage”.'

One million children in poverty denied free school meals

28 August 2021

This is Money

'Carla Clarke, head of strategic litigation at Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), says: "The Government's proposals are welcome in as far as they go, but they would short-change some families who have already lost a parent and will receive only a fraction of the support they would have been entitled to had the marriage requirement not been in place at the time of the late parent's death."'

Bereaved still miss out if they were unmarried: Charities warn parents could be up to £7,000 worse off

The National

'A report last month from the Child Poverty Action Group, which was among the organisations to sign the letter, estimated that single parents are £65 worse off per month as a result, while parent couples are £100 worse off per month.'

UK ‘defending the indefensible’ over young parent benefits penalty

26 August 2021

Belfast Live

'An extra 11,000 children in Northern Ireland risk being swept into poverty by the autumn if the plan to cut Universal Credit by £20 per week goes ahead. That's according to new analysis by Save the Children and Child Poverty Action Group who have warned that the cut would be a double blow to children and comes on the back of years of persistently high levels of poverty.'

Charities warn cut to Universal Credit risks plunging 11,000 NI children into poverty this autumn

20 August 2021

Staffordshire Live

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, said: “The Government increased UC because it recognised that without the extra £20 people claiming it – nearly half of them working - wouldn’t have enough to live on. That is as true today as it was a year ago.”'

Universal credit cuts could leave Staffordshire's children £20 worse off

19 August 2021

North East Chronicle

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, added: “The Government increased UC because it recognised that without the extra £20 people claiming it – nearly half of them working - wouldn’t have enough to live on. That is as true today as it was a year ago.”'

Over 160,000 North East children depend on Universal Credit and could face 'hardship' as cut looms

18 August 2021

The Scotsman

Letter co-ordinated by members of the End Child Poverty coalition in Scotland signed by CPAG

Nicola Sturgeon urged 'do the right thing' on child poverty

29 July 2021

Telegraph & Argus

'According to the Child Poverty Action Group, 300,000 more children nationally will be thrown into poverty, if the cut is made.'

Protest to prevent cut to "lifeline" benefit

15 July 2021

The Guardian

'“Removing the two-child limit would only cost £1bn and would immediately lift 200,000 children out of poverty, and 600,000 children out of deep poverty,” said Alison Garnham, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group.'

Two-child benefits cap cuts support for over 1 million children during pandemic

12 July 2021

The Law Society Gazette

Lawyer in the news: Claire Hall, Child Poverty Action Group

9 July 2021

BBC News online

'Carla Clarke, head of strategic litigation at Child Poverty Action Group, which represented the mothers and children, said: "This is a hugely disappointing judgment which fails to give any meaningful recognition to the reality of the policy on the ground and its desperately unfair impact on children."'

Mothers lose fight against two-child benefit limit

27 June 2021

The Express

'Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), commented on the matter. She said: “The benefit cap has always been an unjust punishment for families. Most families affected by it can’t work to escape it - often because they are looking after young children or can’t find affordable childcare they can combine with work and single parenting."'

Universal Credit claimants may be missing out on £62 per week - are you affected?

24 June 2021

The Independent

'Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), which tackles poverty and social exclusion, brought a judicial review against the government over the rules but the High Court upheld the current system last year.'

Low-income women unfairly denied maternity pay in ‘clear injustice’

23 June 2021


'John Dickie, from the Child Poverty Action Group, said: “By 2023 around 80,000 children need to be lifted out of poverty to meet the interim target. To achieve this the immediate priority must be to increase the Scottish child payment. If we are serious about protecting our children and meeting our targets it must be doubled to £20 per week in the first year of this parliament as the first step."'

Scottish Government has just two years to lift 80,000 kids out of poverty

22 June 2021

The Sun

'CPAG chief executive Alison Garnham said: “Thousands more households who have lost jobs to Covid-19 are now subject to the cap even though in the pandemic it is much harder to find ways to replace their lost earnings and become exempt."' 

200,000 families on Universal Credit and housing benefit lose £62 a week due to benefits cap – how to get help

The Guardian

'Alison Garnham, the chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said: “Especially in areas with high rents, capped families are losing large amounts of social security support and that is disastrous for the children concerned. The government must abolish the benefit cap to prevent more children from being damaged by impoverishment.”'

Record numbers of UK families had benefits capped during lockdown this year

28 May 2021

Birmingham Mail

'Chief executive Alison Garnham said: "Every child deserves a good start in life but today's figures are a grim reminder of the human cost of this nasty policy, which says that some children are more deserving than others purely on the basis of their birth order - and which mostly affects working families.'

DWP's Universal Credit two-child limit branded 'a breach of human rights'

24 May 2021

The Big Issue

'Increasing free school meals eligibility won’t end child poverty alone, writes Kate Anstey from Child Poverty Action Group but it will go some way towards supporting family incomes while also making school a more equal experience for pupils.'

Fixing free school meals won’t end child poverty, but it’s a start

23 May 2021

The Mirror

'Child Poverty Action Group chief executive Alison Garnham said: “Giving every family on Universal Credit free school meals is a small ask but it would have a big effect.“It would help struggling families to stay afloat and improve the health and educational outcomes of the worst-off kids."'

Marcus Rashford's bid to end child food poverty to be debated by MPs

19 May 2021

STV News

'Speaking on behalf of the End Child Poverty coalition, John Dickie said: “Solid foundations have been laid in Scotland for future progress on child poverty, not least the introduction of the Scottish Child Payment and an increasing focus on action at local level. But this new data is a stark reminder that child poverty was still rising in every part of Scotland, even before the pandemic struck."'

Child poverty rising in every council area, campaigners warn

The National

'Ellie Harwood, Wales Development Manager at the Child Poverty Action Group, said the study shows the situation in Wales "couldn't be starker," with an "unacceptable" number of children growing up in poverty, even though their parents are working.'

UK End Child Poverty Coalition says child poverty rising in Wales

The Big Issue

'Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) said: “A child can have three meals a day, warm clothes and go to school, but still be poor because her parents don’t have enough money to ensure she can live in a warm home, have access to a computer to do her homework, or go on the same school trips as her classmates.”'

Child poverty in the UK: The definitions, details, causes, and consequences


'The report, which has been compiled by the Child Poverty Action Group, the North East Child Poverty Commission (NECPC), and Children North East, say that the 2018 changes have led to many children “falling through the net”.'

Not eligible! Thousands of children in poverty are denied free school meals

13 May 2021

The Independent

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said: “There can be no starker or more shaming indictment of our failing social protection systems than the findings in this report. Deprivation kills and until we have a credible government strategy for ending child poverty and deprivation, we will continue to let children down with the worst possible consequences for them.”'

Hundreds of child deaths could be avoided by reducing deprivation, study finds

7 May 2021

BBC Radio 4

Covid Realities on You and Yours

The Big Issue

'“Parents in this research speak for so many families who are struggling to get by on universal credit with all the stress and fear of not knowing if they can pay the bills,” said Alison Garnham, chief executive of research partner Child Poverty Action Group.'

‘I feel like a failure’: Universal credit parents face mental health nosedive

27 April 2021

Third Force News

'We must end the need for foodbanks in Scotland' [opinion piece]

Four leading anti-poverty groups make the case how to support low income families in the long-term

26 April 2021

Big Issue

'Campaigners have warned free school meals eligibility is too strict. Child Poverty Action Group research has shown two in five children living in poverty prior to the pandemic were not eligible for free school meals.'

Free school meals: Everything you need to know

25 April 2021

The National

'Ellie Harwood, Wales development manager at Child Poverty Action Group, believes Westminster has its part to play in solving the issue. She said: “Although it’s often the cheapest option for families, school uniform costs are still a huge stretch for many parents and needlessly pile pressure on them with each new term.”'

Warning from poverty charities in Wales over school uniform costs

20 April 2021

The Independent

'Alison Garnham, chief executive at Child Poverty Action Group, said the research shows that people eligible for universal credit still had “no idea what or whether to claim and know from their own and other people’s experience that claiming can be difficult as well as stigmatising”.'

Half a million people eligible for universal credit during pandemic not claiming it, report suggests

8 April 2021

The Times Red Box

Comment piece from CPAG CEO Alison Garnham and the Right Rev Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham

Lift the two-child limit to let our children thrive

30 March 2021

The Big Issue

'The benefit cap “breaks the link between what you need and what you get,” a Child Poverty Action Group spokesperson said.'

Number of families hit by benefit cap more than doubled during pandemic

25 March 2021

The Mirror

'Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) chief executive Alison Garnham said: "Children and their families will pay the price unless government acts urgently. Ministers must develop a clear plan to prevent child poverty – and raising child benefit would be a good place to start."'

Child poverty hits record high in UK as campaigners slam government

The Big Issue

'“Today’s poverty figures show what was clear all along, that low-income families with children entered the pandemic financially vulnerable,” said Alison Garnham, chief executive of the Child Poverty Action group.'

Three quarters of children in poverty live in a working household

17 March 2021

Headteacher update

'Alison Garnham, chief executive at CPAG, said: “The digital divide was exacerbated during school closures, but it didn’t start with lockdown and it won’t go away with pupils back in the classroom. We must bridge the gaps in resources so pupils can fully access their education – whether at school or at home."'

Deprived families describe “impossible choices” over remote education

14 March 2021

BBC News online

'Ellie Harwood, from Child Poverty Action Group, said: "What we really need from a social security system is something that catches people before they fall into crisis. "It should be there for people when they need it and that's normally when they experience a life event like losing a job, having a child or a relationship breakdown."'

Universal credit: Stephen Crabb MP says benefits squeezed too much

4 March 2021


Third Force News

'John Dickie, director of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, said extending the £20 uplift is vital because struggling families in Scotland and across the UK can't keep afloat without it. He added: “Removing it will push more than 20,000 more children into poverty in Scotland alone. This decision only postpones the pain, for children and for our economy.'

Universal Credit uplift must be made permanent

3 March 2021

The Big Issue

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, warned the six-month extension would only “postpone the pain” of families saying that “poverty levels were already too high pre-pandemic yet children and parents were noticeable by their absence from this Budget. “Extending the £20 uplift is vital because struggling families cannot keep afloat without it, but that will be as true in six months as it is now. This decision only postpones the pain. The chancellor promised certainty to business – children and their families deserve no less,” she added.'

Chancellor has just ‘postponed the pain’ for poorest with benefits extension

BBC News online

'Ellie Harwood from the Child Poverty Action Group said she was concerned the fund was not reaching "a significant amount of people" who needed it. "A lot of people haven't heard of the DAF," she added.'

Covid: Claims for help to cover basic costs in Wales hit new high

2 March 2021


'Child Poverty Action Group and Children North East developed the resource, Turning the page on poverty, based on their years of experience working directly with schools to reduce financial barriers to learning.'

New resource to help schools fight poverty

23 February 2021

Headteacher update

'A resource to help teachers and school staff to tackle the impact of poverty on children’s learning has been created by two child poverty charities. Child Poverty Action Group and Children North East have developed the resource – entitled Turning the page on poverty – and it has been published in partnership with the National Education Union (NEU).'

Toolkit helps schools to reduce the impact of poverty on children

20 February 2021

Newham Recorder

'Child Poverty Action Group estimated that, before the pandemic, 40per cent of children in poverty were not eligible for free school meals. The criteria also normally exclude families with no recourse to public funds.'

Eat for Free scheme removes stigma around free school meals

15 February 2021

The Mirror

'A letter signed by groups including the Trades Union Congress, Amnesty International, Save the Children, the Child Poverty Action Group, the Fawcett Society, Women’s Aid and Mother Pukka says ministers “failed” to uphold their legal duty to consider the impact of policies on women and promote equality.'

Equalities watchdog urged to probe if Government broke law over coronavirus

14 February 2021

The Mirror

'Child Poverty Action Group chief executive Alison Garnham said tonight: “Struggling families have already lost too much in this pandemic. Many have told us how much difference £20 a week makes to them and how worried they are about losing it. Government urgently needs to ensure children don’t fall between the gaps and this starts with maintaining the uplift."'

420,000 more kids in poverty if Government axes £20-a-week Universal Credit hike

12 February 2021

The Independent

'Analysis from the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) shows that 1.85 million of all universal credit claimants are having deductions from their benefits, and 87 per cent of those deductions include repayments of an advance.'

Jump in personal debts to government prompts warnings over recovery

11 February 2021

The Mirror

'Carla Clarke, solicitor for Child Poverty Action Group, said last year's ruling was clear, but the government has "failed to take any action".'

Grieving dad has still not had a penny of support one year on from landmark court win

5 February 2021

BBC News online

Alison Garnham, chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, said: "The scheme came up short not least because the Department for Education had insufficient understanding of the real-world needs of low income parents.

"We know that cash payments work best for families as they allow flexibility, safety and choice - and give parents confidence that they can reliably feed their children - since every shop takes cash and everyone knows how it works.

MPs challenge value for money of meal vouchers

4 February 2021

The Mirror

'Child Poverty Action Group chief executive Alison Garnham said: “This is the worst possible time to make life harder for struggling families."'

Families set to cut back on food for kids if Universal Credit rise is scrapped

2 February 2021

The Big Issue

'The Covid Realities project, funded by the Nuffield Foundation in partnership with the Child Action Poverty Group, has heard from more than 100 people living in or close to poverty.'

‘I’m losing hope’: How low income families have been impacted by the pandemic

21 January 2021

Daily Record

'Kirsty McKechnie, of the Child Poverty Action Group Scotland said that in addition to maintaining Universal Credit the new Scottish Child Payment benefit, administered by the Scottish government, ought to be doubled. She said: “We know that if the £20 a week uplift is removed at the end of March, a further 22,000 children will be driven into poverty."'

Universal Credit cut would plunge 20,000 Scots children into poverty

19 January 2021

The i

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said: “If [the uplift] is not retained and extended to all legacy benefit claimants, struggle will turn to real hardship for many more families – at the bleakest point – and more children will show up in the poverty statistics.'   

Universal Credit: Uncertainty after vote on £20 boost causes ‘debilitating stress’ for families, say charities

15 January 2021

The Evening Standard

'The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is also calling for the Government to switch to direct cash payments to families eligible for free school meals. CPAG chief executive Alison Garnham said their research found that parents “appreciated the freedom to shop locally in their usual places” to buy food.'

Trust parents with cash for free school meals, Labour demands amid backlash over meagre food parcels

12 January 2021

Channel 4

CPAG's Kate Anstey interviewed on free school meals

Channel 4 news

11 January 2021

BBC News online

'"We spoke to thousands of parents, carers and children and the thing we heard was that up to 40% of them did not only not have access to a laptop or the internet, but also to other things like printers, even stationery and craft materials," said Kate Anstey, a project lead at the charity.'

Covid-19: The challenges of home-schooling

The Guardian

'The funds will be shared among the charities YoungMinds, Child Poverty Action Group, and UK Youth'

Guardian and Observer 2020 charity appeal raises £1.4m

9 January 2021

The Guardian

'In our latest report for the 2020 Guardian and Observer appeal, we talk to Child Poverty Action Group and those it has helped'

'I’ve tried to do this for my kids': families who took on unjust benefits decisions

7 January 2021

The Independent

'A report published by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) shows that nearly two thirds of those who claimed the benefit between March and June last year are having their monthly payments cut, almost always because they are repaying an advance they took out to get them through the five-week wait for a first payment.'

More than a million new universal claimants have benefits deducted as UK enters another lockdown


'An analysis by Child Poverty Action Group for the COVID Realities research project found that nearly two thirds (63%) of those who claimed UC between March and June are having deductions taken from their monthly payments, compared with 41% of all UC claimants.'

One million households face UC debt deductions

22 December 2020

The Guardian

'Estimates by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) charity show that 35,000 jobless households will be capped this month, drastically limiting the amount of social security benefits they can receive, and plunging many into – or deeper into – poverty.'

Scrap benefit cap to lift 150,000 children out of poverty, says charity

The Week

'Campaigners say 150,000 children in the UK could be lifted out of severe poverty for less than the cost of the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme if the government scrapped or suspended the benefit cap. The Child Poverty Action Group said that 35,000 jobless households will be capped this month, dramatically restricting the amount of social security benefits they can receive.'

Ten Things You Need to Know Today: 22 Dec 2020

20 December 2020

The Guardian

'Christina... opened up to her daughter’s teacher about what was happening and was told to visit the welfare advice service being piloted in the school by the charity Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG).'

From surviving to thriving: how advice given to parents inside schools can transform lives

18 December 2020

The Guardian

'EU nationals holding the right to residence in the UK cannot be excluded from claiming means-tested benefits, the court of appeal has ruled... The test case was brought by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG).'

EU nationals in UK can claim means-tested benefits, court rules

New Statesman

'According to CPAG’s survey, around 80 per cent of respondents reported a significant deterioration in their living standards since the pandemic started, due to a combination of falling income and rising expenditures. Most of the people surveyed were already living close to the poverty line before Covid-19.'

How the pandemic has hit the poorest renters the hardest

15 December 2020

The Argus

'In a speech to the Child Poverty Action Group, he will say: “Never ending austerity – that’s what poor children, who have become the forgotten victims of the Covid crisis, will suffer as the 4.2 million children in poverty pre-Covid are subject to the lasting economic effects of the pandemic."'

Gordon Brown urges action to tackle worsening levels of poverty

14 December 2020

BBC Radio 4

Sophie Howe's discusses new Poverty in the Pandemic research

Woman's Hour

12 December 2020

The Guardian

'The Child Poverty Action Group helped a Dundee primary make life better for deprived families'

'Our school had children who couldn't afford event days'

2 December 2020

The Gazette

'John Dickie, director of the Child Poverty Action Group, said the funding will be welcomed by those who have been “hammered” by the economic impact of coronavirus.'

New cash for families will be a ‘lifeline’

4 December 2020

The Guardian

'In this year’s Guardian and Observer appeal we are supporting three great charities which can make a practical difference to the lives of young people: UK Youth, YoungMinds, Child Poverty Action Group'

Help us prevent Covid creating a lost generation of young people

3 December 2020

The i

'The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) found that prior to the pandemic, two in five children lived in households where the income is less than 60 per cent of the UK average – pushing them below the poverty line.'

Free school meals: 1.3 million children living in poverty are not entitled to benefit, say campaigners

1 December 2020

The Independent

Alison Garnham comment piece:

Marcus Rashford is fantastic, but no amount of food charity will end child poverty in the UK

26 November 2020

The Guardian

'Alison Garnham, the chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, said: “Families are being capped at a time when the shrinking labour market leaves them little or no hope of finding extra hours or new jobs to escape the cap … They are losing crucial support just as we enter a coronavirus recession. That isn’t right.”'

Universal credit: tens of thousands of families face benefits cap

The Independent

'Research published by the Child Poverty Action Group in August found that parents are increasingly being forced to spend child benefit on bills and day-to-day living expenses.'

The numbers behind Britain’s child poverty crisis


'Sara Spencer, who leads Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland’s scheme to reduce the cost of the school day... argued that it was possible for schools to include items such as blazers in their uniforms but the key was to keep affordability front and centre, and to consult with parents and pupils on uniform policies.'

Call to end monopolies on school uniform supply

10 November 2020

The Independent

'Alison Garnham chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said: “Many who are forced to claim are shocked to find just how hard it is to get by on universal credit. The government was right to increase universal credit by £20 per week, but if it is serious about protecting children from poverty that uplift has to be made permanent.'

More than half a million more families with children on universal credit since start of pandemic, figures show

8 November 2020

The Metro

'England’s children’s commissioner Anne Longfield welcomed the announcement but called on ministers to ‘go further’ with its Universal Credit support – a move backed by the Child Poverty Action Group.'

Marcus Rashford forces another government U-turn on free school meals

3 November 2020

BBC News online

'The scheme has been praised by campaign groups, with the Poverty Alliance saying they were "delighted" and the Child Poverty Action Group calling it an "absolute game changer".'

Parents urged to apply now for new Scottish child payment

UK Investor Magazine

'A report by the charity Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) published in August warned that low-income families faced “particularly acute” challenges during and after the pandemic. Their survey of 285 low-income households between May and August found that 80% reported a “significant deterioration in their living standards due to a combination of falling income and rising expenditure”.'

Two million employees sink below minimum wage since pandemic began

2 November 2020


'The Child Poverty Action Group and Age UK London said: “This is a fantastic victory for young and older Londoners, who made a powerful case for why holding on to free travel is so important. It’s right that children can get to school safely, and older people and families don’t have to worry about additional costs at this time of great financial uncertainty.'

Free travel for under-18s saved in TfL bailout deal

29 October 2020

The Guardian

'Alison Garnham, the chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said: “For years successive governments undermined the idea that our social security system is for everyone, instead promoting a narrative of skivers and strivers. This narrative will be shot to pieces now that Covid-19 has left so many people facing unemployment and financial hardship.”'

Britons' support for welfare benefits at highest level for 20 years – study

The Mirror

'Lone parents spend nearly £33,000 more than couples to raise a child from birth to age 18, according to research for the Child Poverty Action Group'

Single parents spend more than £185,000 raising a child, new analysis shows

20 October 2020

BBC Newsround

We have also spoken to Child Poverty Action Group - a charity which campaigns to help children in need, who told us: "Pupils should be getting enough food at school to enable them to learn, particularly children from families in poverty."

School meals: Children's commissioner worries that children aren't getting hot dinners at school

5 October 2020

BBC Newsround

'Children... travelled to Westminster on public transport shouting "Don't zap the Zip" as part of a Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) campaign'

Kids call for free travel for 11-17 year olds to be saved

1 October 2020

'Louisa McGeehan, director of policy, rights and advocacy at Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG). "Means-tested benefits such as Universal Credit already fall short of a decent income and many families are having to use money intended to meet their children's needs to make up shortfalls in housing costs."'

Financial ‘Long Covid’: How lockdown debts drag families under

30 September 2020

The Sun

Universal Credit £20-a-week boost MUST be made permanent, more than 50 organisations urge Rishi Sunak

3 September 2020


'John Dickie, director of CPAG, said: “With low income families hardest hit by the devastating economic effects of coronavirus, Scottish ministers’ commitment to continue to prioritise the development and delivery of the game-changing Scottish Child Payment is really welcome. It will provide a vital lifeline to struggling families and is more essential to meeting Scotland’s child poverty targets than ever."'

Security blanket: a look at social security over the past year

1 September 2020

The Express

'Alison Garnham, the Chief Executive of CPAG, commented on the survey’s findings: “In the period ahead, as the coronavirus recession takes hold, we are likely to see many more families falling into hardship and many more parents struggling to stop their children from slipping into poverty."'

Child Benefit: HMRC implored to increase payments as families struggle - are you affected?

31 August 2020

The Independent

'Child benefit has lost 23 per cent of its value since 2010 because of freezes and sub-inflationary uprating, according to CPAG.'

Parents are spending child benefit on bills as finances tighten during pandemic, says charity

The Guardian

'The group’s chief executive, Alison Garnham said the coming week would see many parents “worrying about whether they’ve got enough money to meet their children’s needs as they face an exceptionally expensive post-lockdown return to school” – not least the cost of new shoes and uniforms.'

Calls to raise child benefit in UK to help struggling families

26 August 2020

Daily Record

'Scotland’s leading anti-poverty and children’s campaigners have joined forces to call for an emergency financial lifeline to help keep desperate families afloat.'

Benefits plea for urgent cash to help children out of crushing poverty

25 August 2020

The Mirror

'Child Poverty Action Group chief executive Alison Garnham writes for the Mirror.'

Covid-19 revealed the UK's safety net is not up to the job of protecting children

The Guardian

'Researchers from the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and the Church of England (C of E) spoke to parents who said they had been forced to sell possessions to protect their children’s quality of life, and found that 80% of poorer families surveyed felt they had become worse off financially since the lockdown began.'

Eight in 10 poorer UK families feel worse off since lockdown – survey

The Independent

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said that the financial and emotional strain of the pandemic had “taken a very heavy toll” on the health and well-being of the worst-affected families.'

Coronavirus: 80% of low-income families financially worse off since pandemic, new report finds

Church Times

'The Child Poverty Action Group’s chief executive, Alison Garnham, said this week: “The support we offer low-income parents just doesn’t meet the additional costs of raising children, and there was nothing in the Government’s emergency support schemes to correct this shortfall.'

Poor families hit hardest by coronavirus, charity warns


'Commenting on the findings, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, Alison Garnham, said: "Child benefit alone has lost £5 of its value since 2010 because of sub-inflationary uprating and freezes. Re -investing in children’s benefits and widening access to free school meals should be the priorities now to protect family incomes and to support children’s life chances."'

Low-income families ‘struggling’ under lockdown

19 August 2020

Brent & Kilburn Times

'Alice Woudhuysen, from Child Poverty Action Group, said “flexibility” was recommended around the immediate repayment of council tax as “many families are suffering” because they can’t pay it.'

High poverty and deprivation in Brent is focus of new independent report

16 August 2020

The Herald

'John Dickie, director of Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland said the analysis showed that ministers had to urgently act for the future well-being of the nation's children.'

Generation Covid: Study lays bare ramifications of pandemic on Scotland's children

7 August 2020

Huff Post

'The teen is also unimpressed that the government is yet to respond to his petition, despite it being supported by the Child Poverty Action Group and reaching almost 200,000 signatures.'

How Young Londoners Really Feel About Plans To Scrap Their Free Travel

6 August 2020


'Child Action Poverty Group quickly launched the “Don’t Zap The Zip” campaign in protest'

Meet Olivia Faria, The Young Londoner Trying To Save Free Public Transport For Teens

The i

'Child Poverty Action Group said social distancing measures during lockdown had meant it was difficult, and in some cases impossible, for families to escape the benefit cap by finding more work or childcare, or by moving to cheaper housing.'

Number of families affected by benefit cap nearly doubles as campaigners call for it to be abolished

Politics Home

'Child Poverty Action Group chief executive Alison Garnham described it as "nonsensical". "It's an arbitrary limit that’s applied irrespective of needs. In a pandemic it is egregious," she said.'

Number of households hit by benefit cap rockets 93% amid coronavirus pandemic

5 August 2020


[Coverage of CPAG survey with Association of Directors of Children’s Services and Child Welfare Inequalities Project]

Social workers feel ‘powerless’ in face of poverty afflicting most families involved with services

4 August 2020


'Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) launched the Don’t Zap the Zip campaign, encouraging the public to email their local MP alongside an almost 200,000-strong petition. It said the move has ‘hit a nerve’ at a time of economic instability and that ‘no youngster should be left behind’.'

Poor kids ‘may just not go to school’ if under-18 free transport is scrapped

31 July 2020

BBC News online

'John Dickie, Child Poverty Action Group director in Scotland, said the grants were a good way of "getting additional support direct to families."'

Coronavirus in Scotland: Charity's plea to increase school uniform grant

30 July 2020

Financial Times

Boris Johnson reprimanded for child poverty statistics misuse

Daily Mail

'Child Poverty Action Group chief executive Alison Garnham said: 'The hard truth is that child poverty is growing in the UK but the Government is in denial on this - that has to shift. 'If we are to make progress, the problem must be confronted not circumvented.''

Boris Johnson repeatedly made inaccurate claims about levels of child poverty in UK, statistics watchdog says

28 July 2020

BBC News online

'But campaign groups, including Shelter and the Child Poverty Action Group, have been warning for months that the more generous payments risk pushing the incomes of thousands of families' over the monthly limit and have called for a temporary lifting of the cap for the duration of the pandemic.'

Benefit cap: Ministers rule out review despite virus worries


'Alison Garnham, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), said that the survey proved that the change would disproportionately affect young people from minority ethnic groups and disabled young Londoners.'

Scrapping free travel for young 'will hit education'

21 July 2020

York Mix

'The project is a partnership with the Universities of York, Birmingham & Child Poverty Action Group.'

‘We often can’t afford to eat’ – The shocking impact of the pandemic on low income families in York

20 July 2020


The Guardian

'Carla Clarke, a solicitor for Child Poverty Action Group, which brought the case, said: “A system that determines the amount of social security low-paid working claimants are entitled to on the arbitrary basis of whether they are paid monthly or four-weekly can only be irrational, unjust and unlawful.”'

Universal credit earnings calculations unlawful, judge says

Schools Week

'Child Action Poverty Group (CPAG) started a “Don’t Zap the Zip” campaign on their website.'

Removing free travel will hurt those who need help most

17 July 2020

The Times

'Last week the chancellor said that no one would be left without hope. But poverty diminishes hope. As we start to recover from one of the most difficult periods in modern history, we must ensure that children in poverty are not left behind. The government should lift the two-child limit to help all children thrive.'

Letter to the Editor: Lift the limit

14 July 2020

The York Press

Announcement of new collaborative project 

University of York-led project to document the impact of coronavirus pandemic on low income families

10 July 2020

The Mirror

'Child Poverty Action Group chief executive Alison Garnham added: "It's worrying that hundreds of thousands of hard-up people are getting late Universal Credit payments, with a small percentage waiting a full 11 weeks. Understandably, people on a low income are often reluctant to take an advance payment to get them through the wait because it's a loan and so it's just more debt to pay off down the line."'

Universal Credit 'makes debt worse' as 80% of poor families have payments docked

8 July 2020

Nursery World

'Chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, Alison Garnham, said, "Extra support with finding a job is welcome, but without more investment in universal credit to make work pay and in affordable childcare many pandemic-hit parents will remain locked out of the labour market or in a job that keeps them poor. They certainly won’t be able to eat out to help out."'

Summer statement: Government 'without a plan' for the childcare sector and struggling families

1 July 2020


'Alison Garnham, chief executive of CPAG, said that the government should not be creating extra expense for already-struggling families or restricting children’s independence and mobility. She said: “We are deeply concerned that the suspension of free travel for under-18s will hit the poorest Londoners hardest. There are 2 million under-18s living in London and 37 per cent of them are living in poverty: families are already struggling and have suffered job losses and income shocks as a result of the pandemic.'

Government urged to save free London travel for 16-18s

30 June 2020

BBC News online

'Young people are facing "unprecedented threats" to their futures from the Covid-19 pandemic, and should be prioritised, says a group of charities [including CPAG].'

Coronavirus: Stop childhood being disrupted - charities

29 June 2020

The Lancet

Article co-authored by CPAG director of policy, Louisa McGeehan

Child poverty, food insecurity, and respiratory health during the COVID-19 pandemic

25 June 2020

The Independent

'Alison Garnham, our chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said next week was "way too soon" to end the suspension of conditionality and sanctions for people claiming universal credit.'

People could be forced to take on jobs that place health at risk as suspension on benefit sanctions set to end

23 June 2020

Public Technology

'John Dickie, director of CPAG in Scotland, said: “This crisis means that even more families than usual are facing financial challenges as schools return with the new blended learning approach.  Parents have told us what a difference digital and classroom resources and support make, both to their budgets and to their children’s learning. Government at every level must now commit to ensuring every child has what they need to fully take part in learning, whether that’s in school or from home.”'

Home-schooling technology demands hits poorer families hardest, study finds

22 June 2020

The Sun

'Child Poverty Action Group's (CPAG) solicitor Carla Clarke, who represented the three other mums said: "It's a credit to these mothers that having exhausted everything they could do to try and address the situation themselves, they were prepared to go to court to get the situation corrected for themselves and to prevent others from experiencing the hardship, stress and humiliation that they experienced."'

PAY DAY Judges rule Universal Credit assessment dates are ‘irrational and unlawful’ – and it could help 85,000 others

18 June 2020

Yahoo! News

'A survey of 3,600 parents and carers and 1,300 children and young people in England, Scotland and Wales was carried out by CPAG’s UK Cost of the School Day project, run in partnership with Children North East, in May. It found that while low-income parents and carers are concerned with helping their children to continue learning through lockdown, they reported facing significantly more stress and worry around home learning and household finances than those in better off homes.'

Home and school-based learning must be ‘poverty-proofed’, says charity

The Times

'CPAG’s Cost of the School Day report made a series of recommendations, including calls for the UK government to increase child benefit by £10 per child per week and for the Scottish government to provide emergency funds to low-income families.'

Coronavirus in Scotland: Poorer families hit hardest by cost of school shutdown


'Alison Garnham, chief executive of CPAG said: “When it comes to bearing the additional costs of learning at home during the pandemic, we are not ‘all in it together’.'

Home and school-based learning must be ‘poverty-proofed’, says charity

17 June 2020

The Sun

'Child Poverty Action Group charity's chief executive Alison Garnham said: "For many families struggling in the wake of Covid-19, free school meal replacements will make the difference between staying above water or not in the months ahead. This change is testament to the strong feeling across the country that a more compassionate stance and strong anti-poverty policies are needed so that children never go short of food in the UK."'

TOP MARCS! Marcus Rashford: Boris Johnson u-turns over free school meals for summer in boost for poor families

9 June 2020


BBC News online

'John Dickie of the Child Poverty Action Group added: "There's no question that the current crisis has exposed the utter inadequacy of our existing social security system, so it really is a time for bold ideas and rethinking what a social security system should look like, that gives genuine secure futures to all our families."'

Has coronavirus changed the basic income debate?

5 June 2020

The Express

'Yesterday, the charity [CPAG] made the following announcement: “The government has acted quickly to protect people’s economic livelihoods during the covid-19 pandemic. However, as raised in our previous Covid-19 briefing (March 2020), there is still no additional financial support beyond free school meal vouchers for families with children, despite these households facing significant extra costs.”'

Child Benefit payment increase would 'reduce child poverty' - state urged to take action

3 June 2020


'Child Poverty Action Group chief executive Alison Garnham added: “Struggle is turning to real hardship. “The Government has quickly put in place unprecedented and very welcome schemes to support family finances in the wake of Covid-19, but too many households are falling through the gaps.”'

Emergency food parcels for children double in a year – food banks

Mail Online

'A coalition of charities is calling for the Government to provide more funding for councils so they can quickly get cash to families through a temporary emergency income support scheme. They include the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), the Children's Society, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), StepChange and Turn2us.'

Food banks report busiest month ever as number of families with children receiving emergency parcels DOUBLES in a year amid coronavirus lockdown

'Kate Anstey from Child Poverty Action Group explains there are wider issues around access to school resources. "We've been hearing a lot about not having access to printers, stationery and craft materials," she says. "Families who are already under financial pressure are having to go out and buy these things."'

Falling through the cracks: The people failed by the government's covid support schemes

The Guardian

'The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) came out of a meeting held in 1965 at Toynbee Hall, in the East End of London. It was organised by Harriett Wilson with the assistance of her son, John Veit-Wilson. The last surviving founder of the group, he has died aged 84 from multiple myeloma.'

John Veit-Wilson obituary

28 May 2020

The National

'A Menu for Change, a partnership between Oxfam Scotland, Nourish Scotland, the Poverty Alliance and the Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland, has also issued a plea to both the UK and Scottish Governments about welfare policies to help those on low incomes.'

Rise in number of emergency crisis grants ‘alarming’, say charities

24 May 2020


The Scotsman

'John Dickie, director of the Child Poverty Action Group said: “If we are serious about tackling the attainment gap it is vital that no child is disadvantaged in the new blended schooling model as a result of their family’s low income or lack of resources at home."'

Thousands of vulnerable Scots families don’t have equipment for online learning

20 May 2020

Glasgow Times

'John Dickie, director of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland... said: “We may all be in this coronavirus storm together, but we really aren’t all in the same boat."'

'Cut adrift':One part of Glasgow has highest child poverty in Scotland

16 May 2020

Bristol Post

'CPAG solicitor Carla Clarke said: "Today's judgment corrects a glaring injustice for the two households in this case, and many others in a similar situation, who end up worse off through no fault of their own.'

Top judges rule against Government in DWP Universal Credit case that could help thousands

15 May 2020

Daily Record

'John Dickie, director of Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland, said: “It’s right that there is flexibility at local level to ensure children, including the most vulnerable, continue to be supported, but this must be underpinned by support for all low income families."'

Dumfries and Galloway councillor questions move to offer parents cash in lieu of free school meals

14 May 2020

The Express

'Carla Clarke, a solicitor at Child Poverty Action Group, said: "...The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions must act swiftly to implement the judgment so that any claimant who claims UC following an incorrect decision to end their previous benefits is protected against financial losses."'

Universal Credit UK: Decision could ‘help thousands’ forced onto scheme

13 May 2020

Daily Record

'John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland, said: “Boosting family incomes now is vital to shore up the foundations on which the recovery from coronavirus can be built and future progress on child poverty made.”'

Campaigners urge Nicola Sturgeon to back financial package to combat child poverty

12 May 2020

The Guardian

'Carla Clarke, a solicitor at Child Poverty Action Group, which brought the action, said: “Claimants pushed on to universal credit when the DWP wrongly stops their old benefits should not have to tolerate an income drop that causes them real hardship simply because the DWP considers it is too costly or too complex to rectify its own mistake.”'

Benefit claimants unlawfully short-changed, court rules

5 May 2020

BBC Radio 4

Director of policy Louisa McGeehan on Woman's Hour

Nursery World

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said that many parents who could comfortably support a third or subsequent child before the pandemic will be shocked to find that their financial security ‘falls away’ because of the virus, as they are forced to rely on social security, but find that there is no support in universal credit for their third or subsequent child.'

Coronavirus: Charities call on Government to lift the two-child universal credit limit

The Mirror

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group said: "As millions of families grapple with the deep financial impacts of COVID-19, the injustice of the two-child limit is being laid bare.'

Coronavirus: 60,000 families forced onto Universal Credit 'to be hit' by two child limit


'The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland says that cash payments “increase uptake significantly” of free meals, and it wants councils to scrap schemes that mean families are issued with food vouchers that often limit them to one supermarket chain, or mean that they have to collect free meals from hubs.'

Call for cash payments instead of free meals

3 May 2020

The Scotsman

'John Dickie of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) said even the recent increase in payments to help combat the crisis will still leave many in “huge hardship”.'

How Universal Credit is ‘pulling people into poverty’

1 May 2020

BBC News online

'Child Poverty Action Group has also launched a tool to help people find support during the pandemic.'

Coronavirus: 'We go hungry so we can feed our children'

ITV News

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of CPAG, said: “We need targeted support for children if we are to shield them from poverty. Raising the level of all benefits for children would be the most effective way of getting support to families quickly.”'

Huge increase in food bank use in recent weeks, charities report

Daily Record

'John Dickie at CPAG said: “It’s vital that Scottish Ministers use every tool in their toolbox, every power they have, to protect family incomes and prevent child poverty rising through this crisis.'

Nine policies Nicola Sturgeon urged to look at to stop child poverty

22 April 2020

Sunderland Echo

'The [North East Child Poverty] Commission has backed calls led by the national Child Poverty Action Group to prioritise an emergency increase in child benefit of £10 per child per week.'

Call for emergency child benefit increase to help families through pandemic

21 April 2020

The Guardian

Universal credit’s two-child limit and the benefit cap must end now

Universal credit claimants with larger families will lose out, say campaigners

16 April 2020

On London

'A group of more than 25 charities [including CPAG] has asked the government for six additional measures to help children through the pandemic in the capital, where the child poverty rate of 37 per cent is the highest in the country.'

Coronavirus London: Charities seek more help against child poverty

15 April 2020

BBC News online

'Director John Dickie said: "It's good to see many councils already making cash payments to help hard up parents meet the extra costs they are now facing as a result of children having to stay at home. 

Coronavirus: Call for cash to replace school meal vouchers

The Mirror

'Child Poverty Action Group said cash - rather than vouchers or food - should be the principal means of providing support across Scotland. Director John Dickie said: "It's good to see many councils already making cash payments to help hard up parents meet the extra costs they are now facing as a result of children having to stay at home.'

Teachers brand free school meal vouchers a "fiasco" as kids left without food at Easter

The Guardian

Statement from CPAG CEO Alison Garnham

Coronavirus will cause child poverty to soar. So what can we do about it?

8 April 2020

Scottish Housing News

'More than 40 of Scotland’s leading children’s charities [including CPAG in Scotland], faith groups, trade unions, community groups and anti-poverty organisations have joined civic organisations from across the UK to call on the Chancellor to increase child benefit by £10 a week per child to help families through the COVID-19 crisis.'

Charities call for emergency increase in child benefit

6 April 2020


The Mirror

'Chief Executive Alison Garnham said: "After being frozen for so long, of course any increase is welcome. But an extra 35p a week won't even buy a small, cheap sliced loaf, let alone come close to meeting the additional costs that families suddenly have to meet when incomes are nose-diving for many."'

DWP benefits and Universal Credit rise today - full rates and why they're 'not enough'

5 April 2020

Yahoo! news

'"If families who were earning decent wages before the pandemic move on to the Universal Credit, they will very suddenly find themselves living in poverty," said Louisa McGeehan, a director at Child Poverty Action Group UK.'

Coronavirus pandemic 'amplifying' poverty in UK

28 March 2020

BBC Money Box

Our welfare rights worker Martin Williams discussed self-employment and universal credit.

Money Box podcast

27 March 2020


'John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, called for further measures to be put in place by government. "Whilst not surprising after a decade of UK benefit cuts, low wage growth and increasing insecurity in the workplace it is no less shocking to see that nearly one in four of our children were still living in poverty even before the current corona crisis hit,” he said.'

Child poverty could ‘soar’ as a result of coronavirus as new statistics show nearly one in four of Scotland's children in poverty


'Families have also been pushed into poverty or further into poverty through policies that have affected families the most, such as benefit freezes, benefit cap and the two-child policy. Child Poverty Action Group argues that the Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has shown that ‘radical action is possible’.'

Charity calls for ‘emergency measures’ to tackle child poverty

26 March 2020

The Guardian

'Analysis by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) found that there were 600,000 more children in relative poverty since 2010, with low-income families especially hard hit by austerity cuts such as the four-year benefit freeze and the two-child limit.'

UK faces child poverty crisis, say charities

The Independent

'“We are facing a child poverty crisis,” warned Alison Garnham, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group – urging ministers to prevent the current crisis triggering a further increase in the months to come.'

Number of children living in poverty rises by 100,000 in a year, 'shocking' figures reveal

The Herald

'Urging a £10 a week rise in child benefit, John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland, said: “Without action now, this week’s laid-off workers and their children will be adding to next year’s poverty statistics.'

Coronavirus in Scotland: Fears of surge in poverty as economy hit

25 March 2020


Children’s charities, including CPAG, issue joint statement on coronavirus emergency

21 March 2020


'Alison Garnham, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, believes the government needs to provide emergency measures for struggling families and make it possible financially for every family to self isolate – particularly when children are losing out on the benefit of a free school lunch.'

Vulnerable Children Will ‘Slip Through The Cracks’ As Coronavirus Shuts Schools, Headteachers Fear

19 March 2020


Teaching union, charities [including CPAG], churches and parent groups call for families to be given a cash payment in lieu of free school meals

Coronavirus: Cash call for free school meal families

18 March 2020

Third Force News

'CPAG Scotland director John Dickie said the impact of coronavirus would be especially hard on families who are already struggling financially. “The Scottish Welfare Fund is a hugely important statutory source of cash support that provides a lifeline to households across the country,” he added.'

Charities call for welfare fund boost

The Scotsman

'John Dickie, director of the Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland said: “Families who are already struggling to get by are now facing a massive increase in the risk of being left without enough money to feed their children and pay essential bills.'

Coronavirus: Demand for boost to crisis cash fund to help those who lose jobs

Nursery World

'Child Poverty Action Group wants emergency support for families with children put in place if schools are closed due to Covid-19 to ensure that they can afford adequate healthy food.'

Charity calls for more help for families during the coronavirus pandemic

17 March 2020

The Independent

'It comes as charities call on the government to increase welfare benefit payments to support low-income families in the face of coronavirus. Child Poverty Action Group said ministers should bring in a £10 per week uplift in child benefit for the duration of the pandemic.'

Coronavirus: Food banks forced to close amid Covid-19 outbreak

The Guardian

On Tuesday, the Child Poverty Action Group led calls for the government to ease difficulties by adding £10 to child benefit payments and making universal credit advance payments no longer repayable.

Self-isolation: the volunteers offering help and hope

11 March 2020

The Mirror

'Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said: "When it comes to the nation’s longer-term priorities, action on poverty must trump potholes and pubs. We need to properly re-invest in our social infrastructure.'

Budget 2020: Child poverty campaigners say kids should 'trump potholes and pubs'

The Guardian

Charities, including CPAG, call for inquiry into deaths linked to benefits cuts

Third Force News

'The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland also said the measures, though welcome, highlighted the “fundamental design flaws” in Universal Credit.'

Budget’s coronavirus measures “should be permanent”

9 March 2020

The Guardian

Letter to Editor on a budget for social infrastructure

6 March 2020

The Mirror

'The two-child benefit cap alone could push another 300,000 children into poverty by 2023-24, according to the Child Poverty Action Group.'

Poverty does not just inflict misery, it denies a generation of children the chance to flourish

The Mirror

'Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said the campaign could make a big difference to families. She added: “The Mirror is bang on when it says we must reinvest in child benefit."'

Celebs and politicians back Mirror campaign to lift 200,000 kids out of poverty

27 February 2020

Disability News Service

'WinVisible secured support from CPAG’s upper tribunal project, which works with smaller organisations taking appeals to the upper tribunal.'

Tribunal victory gives hope to ‘failure to attend’ benefit victims

23 February 2020

The Sunday Times

'If instead they had increased [child benefit] in line with the retail price index, payments for the eldest child would now be worth £26.20 a week. This means a family with two children is £475 a year worse off than they were in 2011, according to figures from the Child Poverty Action Group.'

Child benefit freezes ‘leave families £475 worse off’

17 February 2020

The Law Society Gazette

'Career high: "My present job and the privilege of being able to represent families who already have a lot on their plate but are prepared to engage in the uncertainty, intrusion and lengthy nature of strategic litigation because they don’t want others to go through what they have had to go through with the benefits system."'

Lawyer in the news: Carla Clarke, Child Poverty Action Group

16 February 2020

The Observer

'In April 2019, the charity Child Poverty Action Group published Living Hand to Mouth, a piece of research that shone a spotlight on children’s experiences of food and eating in low-income families.'

Why are millions of children in the UK not getting enough to eat?

12 February 2020

The National

'John Dickie, director of the Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland, commented: “It’s great to see hard pressed families across Scotland receiving the new Best Start Grants.'

Scottish Government's £20m Best Start Grant boost for families

7 February 2020

The Sun

Carla Clarke, solicitor for CPAG, which represented the fathers, said: “The two fathers in this case took legal action to protect not only their own grieving children but the estimated 2,000 bereaved families who, each year, are excluded from bereavement support payments purely because the parents did not marry.

EXTRA CASH DWP loses landmark High Court battle that could win 2,000 families bereavement benefits

The Times

John Dickie, director of the Child Poverty Action Group, welcomed an increase to the Scottish Welfare Fund and the new Scottish Child Payment for low-income families. But he said there was a missed opportunity in tackling poverty, which affects 25 per cent of youngsters in Scotland.

Swinney lets schools decide spending to help deprived pupils

4 February 2020

The Sun

"Is it because of the two-child limit which the Child Poverty Action Group has described as 'a policy designed to increase child poverty?'"

CREDIT COMING? Universal Credit shake-up on the way as MPs ask for extra cash to help with five-week wait

1 February 2020

The Mirror

New school uniform law could see parents save hundreds on kitting out kids

28 January 2020


'John Dickie, director of CPAG Scotland, said: "Our work with schools and local authorities over the last five years in Scotland has shown that there are countless impactful ways to help make sure income doesn’t act as a barrier to education if we commit to listening to children and parents’ experiences and solutions."'

'If you can’t afford it you just sit there on your own'

Children & Young People Now

'Alison Garnham, chief executive of CPAG, said: “School days are supposed to be the best days of a child’s life, but instead for some children and their families, they can be a source of anxiety if there are extra and unexpected costs for parents.'

Scheme to 'poverty proof' schools rolls out across UK

9 January 2020

Birmingham Live

'The group, A Menu For Change, says the new UK Government must act urgently to fix Universal Credit and uprate working-age benefits.'

Benefits crisis point sparks plea to 'fix Universal Credit' and boost benefit pay levels

Glasgow Evening Times

'Margaret MacLachlan, Project Manager, A Menu for Change said: “As we start a new decade, the relentless pressures forcing people to need emergency food aid continues."'

'National scandal': Almost 47,400 emergency food parcels handed out in Glasgow

BBC News online

'"A weakened social security system, low pay and insecure work are tightening the grip of poverty and forcing people to crisis point," said project manager Margaret MacLachlan.'

Scottish charities hand out almost 600,000 food parcels in 18 months