In-house training

If you have six or more people who require specialist welfare training, CPAG can provide ‘in-house’ courses to meet the learning needs of your group or organisation.

We work with many organisations throughout the UK each year, to design and deliver in-house learning and development solutions.

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Advantages of in-house training

In-house training offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Choosing an in-house version of one of our training courses will be more economical when several members of your staff will be attending the session.
  • You benefit from having a welfare trainer ‘to yourselves’ for the day. At your premises, or in a closed online session, the trainer can ‘confidentially’ answer questions relating to the specific needs of your organisation.
  • Choosing an in-house training solution means that you are in control of the schedule – you choose the start time and duration of the session to suit your needs.
  • For face to face events, your staff will not incur the travel and accommodation costs associated with attending a ‘public’ session, and it offers the flexibility of choosing your own venue.
  • We provide the expert tutor(s) and all the training materials required.

Courses tailored to your requirements

Standard courses – where we deliver one of our welfare courses in-house, with the content and format of our public sessions.

Tailored in-house training courses – where we adapt the course length, content and emphasis of an existing course to suit your particular objectives and requirements

For a quote and more information, please email [email protected] or call 020 7812 5224.


"Really clear and well structured approach with great resources also provided. Excellent all round"

"Fantastic training session as always with CPAG.  The trainer is extremely knowledgeable in her area, and truly an expert. I will be back!"

"Possibly the most thorough course I have ever been on - and thoroughness & attention to detail is just what is needed with this client group! Invaluable"