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Autumn Statement: families were left worried sick to give government a rabbit-in-the-hat moment

22 November 2023
It’s right that benefits are uprated as usual but this should never have been in doubt and legislation mandating inflationary increases is needed as a basic protection for living standards.   Struggling families have been worrying themselves sick for months about whether an unmanageable income cut was coming in order to provide the government with a rabbit-out-of-the-hat moment.  


17 November 2023
Ahead of the Autumn Statement, organisations representing children’s doctors, school leaders and social workers have joined Child Poverty Action Group in calling on the Chancellor to uprate benefits from April at least in line with September’s inflation rate as usual.

Domestic abuse survivor wins universal credit appeal case that will help destitute EU citizens and families residing in the UK live with dignity  

08 November 2023
A landmark ruling in the Court of Appeal has held that the government is required to consider the fundamental rights of EU citizens and their families residing in the UK, including their right to live in dignified conditions, before refusing universal credit support.

Low-income families 'terrified for winter' as inflation stays high

31 October 2023
As the Government’s Autumn cost of living payment starts to hit doormats from today, Child Poverty Action Group and Changing Realities warn that they won’t be enough to prevent more hardship for families with children this winter.

September's inflation rate

18 October 2023
Our response to inflation figures.

Families will be substantially worse off than 5 years ago if benefits rise below inflation 

02 October 2023
Struggling families would be substantially worse off than they were five years ago if benefits are not uprated with inflation, new analysis from Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) shows.

2.3 million children in households receiving less universal credit than they’re entitled to

22 September 2023
As more families migrate from older benefits to universal credit, new official figures show there are 2.3 million children in households on universal credit (UC) which are having debt deductions from their benefit, forcing them to live on significantly less than their entitlement.

Child poverty pushing schools to the brink – staff forced off core roles to cope

19 September 2023
First-of-its kind-survey finds 79% of school staff in England say time must be diverted from allocated roles to combat child poverty.

Worrying proportion of tax credit claimants not moving to universal credit - and losing their benefits

31 August 2023
28% of tax credit claimants who are required to move to universal credit haven’t claimed and have had their benefits stopped.

Two-child limit and the benefit cap fail to meet their own aims, study concludes 

17 July 2023
The benefit cap and the two-child limit has caused hardship to tens of thousands of families, with both policies failing to meet their original aims, according to the findings of a new study.