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Don't Zap the Zip: Keep London transport free for under 18s


Children in London have been able to travel around the capital for free, or at a discounted rate, since 2005. But that’s about to change. As part of its bailout of Transport for London, the government is insisting on suspending free travel for under 18s, to protect public health and avoid overcrowding on buses. This will be a disaster for families with children who are already struggling. Don't Zap the Zip campaign logo - picture of a London double decker bus

Not only will it increase costs for them, it could also mean that children and young people are more restricted to their local area, less able to travel to school, college, work and healthcare appointments and more likely to miss out on the many opportunities that London has to offer them.

Families have suffered enough during the pandemic and children are missing out. It’s not right that the government should limit their access to education and healthcare and their ability to maintain relationships with family and friends.

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On Friday 18 September, Child Poverty Action Group held a Day of Action as part of its Don’t Zap the Zip campaign.

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Please share with us how the suspension of free travel for under 18s in London will personally affect you and your family. Tell us in your own words how it will impact on your finances and on your children getting to school, to other activities, to doctor’s appointments and seeing family and friends. We need your stories to build our evidence base for the campaign.

Who supports our campaign?

Please contact Alice Woudhuysen, London Campaign Manager if you have any questions about the campaign or want to support it:

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