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Template letters

These template letters cover topics commonly raised through CPAG’s advice services.  Advisers are welcome to use them when supporting clients with mandatory reconsiderations and appeals.  New templates will be added as capacity allows and will not be added on a request basis.

The intention is that these templates are correct at the time of writing but will not be continuously checked or updated so it will be important that advisers apply a critical eye to the templates.

1.   Microsoft Office document icon SSWP refusal to extend time for revision
This template can be used when submitting an appeal after DWP have refused to carry out a mandatory reconsideration (MR) on the grounds that the MR request was late. (Last updated July 2021)

2.    Microsoft Office document iconAppeal without MRN
This template can be used when submitting an appeal after DWP, instead of providing a mandatory reconsideration notice, simply refuse to revise a decision (e.g. by posting a note in a UC journal stating that a decision will not be changed). (Last updated July 2021)

3.    Microsoft Office document iconMR does not apply
This template can be used to support an appeal without first seeking mandatory reconsideration. (Last updated July 2021)

4.    Microsoft Office document iconMisreported housing costs
This template can be used when a client failed to provide the correct housing costs on their initial UC claim but, once corrected, DWP changed the award from the date of correction - failing to pay the correct housing costs from the start of the award. (Last updated July 2021)

5.    FileSDP gateway, deeming provision, couple treated as claiming
This template can be used when a claimant receiving a benefit which included SDP was treated (prior to the scrapping of the SDP Gateway in January 21) as having made a couple claim for UC on formation of a couple with a UC claimant.  Any adviser using the template carefully consider the implications of a return to legacy benefit, to make sure their client would actually be better off. (Last updated July 2021)

6.    Microsoft Office document iconDWP refusal to apply run-on after death to bereaved carer
This template can be used when supporting a carer who claimed UC after having been bereaved but DWP have refused to apply a run-on after death under reg.37 UC Regs 2013. It may be possible to adapt the template to cover other groups in reg.37. (Last updated July 2021)

7.    Microsoft Office document iconUC transitional SDP element erodes after claimant moves out of temporary or specified accommodation
This template can be used when a claimant in receipt of a UC transitional SDP element moves out of either temporary or specified accommodation into accommodation which is neither temporary nor specified accommodation, which ‘erodes’ the transitional SDP element.  (last updated November 2021)