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Court of Appeal strikes down Work Programme Regulations

The Court of Appeal has ruled that the Regulations under which some of the Government’s “Back to Work” schemes have been created are unlawful and must be quashed. See previous CPAG articles on Sanction Busting and Sanction Busting part 2.

HB deductions for under-occupying social housing

Issue 232 (February 2013)
David Simmons examines new rules which restrict the housing benefit (HB) entitlement of social housing tenants with excess bedrooms.

Claimants lose on penalties

Issue 231 (December 2012)
Alison Gilles explains the rules concerning the new civil penalties than can be applied to some benefit overpayments.

Sanction busting – part 2

Issue 231 (December 2012)
Martin Williams highlights the practical steps that can now be taken to assist claimants who were sanctioned to file (late) appeals and the sheer volume of unlawful sanction decisions which it appears have been made.

Payments for supported accommodation under universal credit

Issue 231 (December 2012)
David Simmons considers how payments for supported accommodation will be met after the introduction of universal credit, in the light of recent government announcements.

Welfare reform – early impacts

Issue 231 (December 2012)
Kate Bell looks gives an overview of what early research has uncovered about the future impact of welfare reform.

Taking candy from a baby

Issue 231 (December 2012)
Mark Willis explains how the rules designed to restrict child benefit for ‘high earners’ are meant to work.

Whither the WCA?

Issue 230 (October 2012)
Simon Osborne considers prospects for reform and other change to the work capability assessment.

Universal credit: monthly awards

Issue 230 (October 2012)
David Simmons examines the proposal to make universal credit a monthly benefit.

Regime change: sanctions and the law on claimants

Issue 230 (October 2012)
Edward Graham explains the main features of the new rules that come into force on 22 October 2012 changing the sanctions regime for jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) claimants.