Briefing Note for Stage 2 of the Social Security (Scotland) Bill - Part 1

February 2018

At Stage Two of the Social Security (Scotland) Bill, consideration of amendments to the Bill is taking place over the course of several weeks. 

We have produced briefings for MSPs to follow the scrutiny schedule.

The first briefing note is on amendments to Part 1 of the Bill, which includes consideration of the principles, charter, and annual report.

Scepticism and scrutiny in HMRC appeals

Issue 261 (December 2017)

Ros White considers a recent judgment warning to First-tier Tribunals not to take HMRC submissions at face value.

Universal credit and disabled students

Issue 261 (December 2017)

Angela Toal describes a problem and some possible solutions regarding disabled students attempting to claim universal credit.

ESA/UC: appeals and previous medical reports

Issue 261 (December 2017)

Simon Osborne reviews recent caselaw and guidance concerning when a tribunal considering an appeal about the work capability assessment should call for the previous medical report.

Loans replace benefit for mortgage interest

Issue 261 (December 2017)

Henri Krishna describes new rules regarding help with mortgage interest and similar help from next April.

Offices re-open on 3 Jan 2018

20 December 2017

Child Poverty Action Group's offices in London and Glasgow will be closed from 22 Dec 2017 - 2 Jan 2018 inclusive.

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April - September 2018 training calendar

20 December 2018

View our new April – September 2018 training calendar here.

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Stage 1 Social Security (Scotland) Bill Debate - Briefing Note for MSPs

December 2017

A well-functioning social security system is a key pillar in the social and economic infrastructure needed for the prevention and eradication of poverty. The Social Security (Scotland) Bill is fundamental to the shape and direction of social security in Scotland. 

This briefing note sets out CPAG's response to the Social Security Committee's report and highlights key areas where the Bill should be amended to strengthen the legislation.


MILBURN resignation: CPAG statement

December 3, 2017

In response to Alan Milburn’s resignation as Social Mobility Commissioner, Imran Hussain, Director of Policy at Child Poverty Action Group, said:

"It's a genuine loss that Alan Milburn is resigning and totally dispiriting that it seems he is doing so because he has lost confidence in the government's willingness and ability to prioritise making society fairer.

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Raising money and awareness


After being appointed deputy head girl at Rodborough, I was determined to do something positive – not just for our school, but for other young people. We decided to raise awareness of child poverty through a fundraising campaign for the Child Poverty Action Group. Often hardships like poverty can feel quite far from home, but it is important that we do all we can to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves.