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Frequently asked questions

20 August 2018

Bedroom tax

Has the Scottish Government abolished the bedroom tax?
No. The Scottish Government has committed to paying discretionary housing payments (DHPs) to anyone whose housing benefit or universal credit is reduced by the bedroom tax.

The Scottish Government are planning to stop the bedroom tax being taken off universal credit, but this isn’t expected to happen until 2020 because of changes needed to the universal credit IT system.

I don’t get any housing benefit after the bedroom tax has been applied – can I still get a DHP?
No. Only people who are receiving housing benefit or who have the housing element included in their universal credit award can get DHPs.

Scottish welfare fund

Can I get a grant from the Scottish welfare fund if I’m not getting any other benefits?
Yes. To be entitled to a grant you have to have a low income but you do not have to be getting any benefits.

Carer's assistance

Can I get carer's allowance supplement if I get universal credit with a carer element, but do not receive carer's allowance itself?
No. You must be in receipt of carer's allowance to be eligible for the carer's allowance supplement. If you get universal credit with a carer element, and have earnings below the earnings threshold, you should claim carer's allowance. Carer's allowance counts as income for universal credit, so your overall income will stay the same. However, you will then be eligible for the carer's allowance supplement, which will be extra income.