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Universal credit and students

February 2021
This factsheet explains the rules for students claiming universal credit in Scotland.

Tax credits: moving on to universal credit

January 2021
This factsheets covers the differences between tax credits and universal credit.

Universal credit

January 2021
This factsheet provides an overview of universal credit and summarises the main rules affecting claimants.

Universal credit and kinship carers

Kinship care
This factsheet explains the universal credit rules for kinship carers.

Parents claiming for young people in further education or training

October 2020
Factsheet explaining when a parent, or someone responsible for a child, can continue to claim benefit for a child aged 16 or over.

Care-experienced young people and benefits: giving good advice

Produced in conjunction with STAF, this factsheet explains the special benefit rules affecting some young care leavers and young people in 'continuing care'.

Prison and universal credit

Your universal credit is affected if you are in prison.

Universal credit for lone parent students

April 2020
This factsheet has information about universal credit for lone parents on a course of education.