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Universal credit and students

February 2021
This factsheet explains the rules for students claiming universal credit in Scotland.

Prison and benefits

Most social security benefits are affected if you are in prison. This factsheet outlines the main issues that come up if you are remanded in custody or if you are serving a prison sentence.

Scottish child payment and kinship carers

This factsheet explains which kinship carers are entitled to Scottish child payment.

Tax credits: moving on to universal credit

January 2021
This factsheets covers the differences between tax credits and universal credit.

Universal credit

January 2021
This factsheet provides an overview of universal credit and summarises the main rules affecting claimants.

Tax credits - the basics

January 2021
If you are already getting tax credits, you can continue to get them as long as you meet the basic conditions.

Children looked after by the local authority - impact on family benefits

This factsheet explains what happens to family benefits if a child becomes looked after and accommodated by the local authority (sometimes called 'looked after away from home')

Universal credit and kinship carers

Kinship care
This factsheet explains the universal credit rules for kinship carers.