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Early Warning System e-bulletin - October 2021

October 2021
The Early Warning System collects evidence from advisers about how welfare reform is affecting their clients. We use this data for campaigns, in discussions with DWP, and to produce advice resources.

Early Warning System e-bulletin - July 2021

July 2021
In this edition of the e-bulletin, we look at the top issues emerging over the past three months, and provide an update on assessment periods.

Early warning system e-bulletin - March 2021

March 2021
In this edition of the e-bulletin, we look at the top issues emerging to date in 2021, and provide an update on habitual residence tests and National Insurance numbers.

Early Warning System E-Bulletin - December 2020

In this edition of the e-bulletin, we provide a brief update on the habitual residence test and the benefit cap, and consider in detail three further topics which emerged over the past month.

Early Warning System E-Bulletin - November 2020

In this edition of the e-bulletin, we look at the top three topics that have been recorded in the Early Warning System (EWS) throughout October 2020. Although issues that relate to the COVID-19 pandemic and the government measures taken in response to it still feature in the Early Warning System, we are now seeing a resurgence of long-standing concerns about the universal credit system.

Early Warning System E-Bulletin - April 2020

April 2020
Social Insecurity: how the outbreak is affecting your cases. Summary of queries received by the Early Warning System during the covid-19 pandemic. Topics covered include universal credit whilst on furlough, awaiting self-employment grant or facing the habitual residence test, plus problems claiming new-style ESA and more.

Early Warning System E-Bulletin - February 2020

February 2020
Summary of universal credit mandatory reconsideration problems coming into the EWS and an invitation to complete an MR survey.

Early Warning System e-bulletin - February 2019

Updates on natural migration onto UC, assessment period inflexibility, the two child limit, and disabled people losing SDP.

Early Warning System e-bulletin - November 2018

A summary of the main issues that come through to the Early Warning System, and what we’re doing about them.

Early Warning System e-bulletin - September 2018

A call for case examples of errors in the administration of housing costs contribution in universal credit.