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The benefit cap: the limits of legal challenge

Issue 164 (Autumn 2019)
Welfare rights advisers use the law on a daily basis to challenge decisions on social security benefits and to ensure their clients receive their legal entitlement. However, there are occasions when what needs to be challenged is not a decision which has not been taken in accordance with the existing law, but rather the law itself.

Housing benefit suspensions

Issue 272 (October 2019)
Jon Shaw looks at when housing benefit (HB) awards can (and cannot) be suspended and then terminated.

Appeals and DWP delays

Issue 271 (August 2019)
Advisers are reporting delays in receiving DWP submissions. Ed Pybus looks into the issue.

Universal credit and prison

Issue 271 (August 2019)
People entering and leaving prison tend to encounter a specific set of difficulties within the universal credit (UC) system. These include confusion about whether they are entitled to UC, doubts about whether they have permanently lost entitlement to legacy benefits and the consequences of detention for those claiming benefits because they have limited capability for work. Barbara Donegan explains.

UC date of claim and Help to Claim

Issue 271 (August 2019)
It is now clear that the DWP does not accept that use of the ‘Help to Claim’ service (operated by Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland) permits a claimant to rely on rules allowing the date of a claim for universal credit (UC) to be fixed at the date help is first requested. Simon Osborne explains.

UC and complex needs

Issue 271 (August 2019)
Owen Stevens discusses attempts by third parties to make DWP aware of ‘complex needs’ among universal credit (UC) claimants.

What does Brexit mean for social policy in the UK?

Issue 163 (Summer 2019)
The expected date for Britain to leave the European Union, March 29 2019, has come and gone, but the nature of the UK’s future relationship with the European Union remains uncertain.

Sustainable Development Goals and poverty in the UK

Issue 163 (Summer 2019)
The United Nations’ Agenda 2030 was agreed at a global level in 2015. It set out 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ on a range of social and environmental issues, to be achieved by all countries.

Editorial: Poverty 163

Issue 163 (Summer 2019)
Spring saw the release of new poverty figures for the UK. This year they did not show a rise on the main headline measure we use (relative child poverty after housing costs), but did show alarming jumps in so-called ‘absolute’ child poverty.

Tackling child poverty in London primary schools

Issue 163 (Summer 2019)
The impact of poverty on children’s education is well documented and many schools are now developing initiatives to support children and families who are living on a low income.