Go to AskCPAG for current and more recent articles from the Welfare Rights Bulletin. The articles listed below are from 2019 and earlier.

A Best Start in Scotland

Issue 268 (February 2019)
Mark Willis describes the new maternity grant in Scotland.

Statutory shared parental pay

Issue 244 (February 2015)
Susan Mitchell and Simon Osborne outline the main rules on a new payment which, from April, will replace additional statutory paternity pay in England, Scotland and Wales.

Saint Prix and the right to reside for pregnant women

Issue 241 (August 2014)
Mike Spencer looks at a recent European Court of Justice decision with important findings about the right to reside of women who have given up work due to pregnancy.

Right to reside: the pregnant pause?

Issue 209 (April 2009)
Martin Williams looks at the issues for pregnant EEA nationals caused by the 'right to reside' requirement.

Work and Families Act 2006: maternity, paternity and adoption benefit changes

Issue 194 (October 2006)
As part of the Government's 10-year strategy for childcare, it consulted on measures intended to 'give parents more choice about how to balance their work and family responsibilities'. The Work and Families Act 2006 implements some of the measures set out in the Government's response to this consultation. The Act, together with a group of related statutory instruments, contains amendments to legislation relating to maternity, paternity and adoption benefits. Susan Mitchell outlines the main changes.