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Who can get STBAs and how to apply

08 May 2014

You can only get a STBA if you meet all the following conditions:

  1. you make a request for one
  2. you have made a claim for an eligible benefit, which has been decided (or is likely to be decided) in your favour
  3. you are waiting for payment of benefit
  4. you are in financial need (which means serious risk to health and safety)
  5. you can afford to repay

Note: the situations where you should get a SBTA include where DWP cannot pay you due to their own administration problems.1

See also When will a short-term benefit advance be refused? and our STBA examples.

Advisers: how to help your clients apply for STBAs

You can download our sample letter to DWP to make an urgent request for a short-term benefit advance from the links on the right hand side of this page. It is in Word and PDF format. 

It is written from the point of view of an advice worker. Applicants can use it too, of course. In either case please replace/delete words and phrases in CAPITALS with your and/or your client’s details as necessary. 

  • 1. Although DWP guidance omits administrative problems as a reason to award STBAs, Reg 6(5)(b) of the Payment on Account Regs makes it clear that DWP can give you a STBA in these circumstances.