Editorial: we must win the battle of attitudes | CPAG

Editorial: we must win the battle of attitudes

21 January 2014
Issue 146 (Autumn 2013)

What do the benefit cap, tougher conditionality for claimants and means testing child benefit all have in common? They all hit families with children hard. And they will all drive up child poverty in the next five years and beyond. Yet despite this, they are all highly popular policies, for which the government regularly receives strong approval ratings.

What should we do as poverty campaigners when the policies that affect our constituencies so negatively have such widespread support? With social security already identified as one of the key battle lines for the next general election, this issue of Poverty explores the complex question of public attitudes to child poverty, to benefits and, more broadly, to policies that we know have an enduring effect on child wellbeing.

Articles in this issue: