Editorial: Poverty 160 | CPAG

Editorial: Poverty 160

01 July 2018
Poverty 160 (summer 2018)

New poverty figures show that child poverty has risen for the third year in a row, to 4.1 million (after housing costs). And analysis by the University of York shows that families in poverty are now more than £60 a week below the poverty line on average, compared with just over £50 10 years ago. This ‘poverty gap’ has increased most starkly since 2012, when the first round of this decade’s welfare reforms started to take real effect. These numbers are powerful in themselves, but the articles in this issue remind us not to forget the individuals behind them, whether these are young care-leavers, families relying on food banks and social supermarkets, people facing housing insecurity, or children compromising their own needs to help save their parents from worry and financial difficulty.

Articles in this issue: