Editorial: Poverty 155 | CPAG

Editorial: Poverty 155

21 October 2016
Issue 155 (Autumn 2016)

A lot has happened since the last issue of Poverty hit your desks. A new prime minister, new ministerial teams, and Brexit on the horizon. We have had only some indications of the direction the new government intends to take. No more social security cuts will be legislated, but we will still see the extensive cuts already made come into force over the coming years, while cuts to local authority budgets are continuing without respite. Selective education may be about to come roaring back. Theresa May has spoken of helping those who are ‘just managing’ – we must wait to see what this means. A new CPAG book, Improving Children’s Life Chances, makes the case that any strategy for social reform ought to include evidence-based actions to address disadvantage across a range of services, but that these must be accompanied by steps to ensure that families have enough money. Young people need decent jobs to move into when they grow up – youth poverty is soaring and they will be the next generation of parents.

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