Map of solicitors

This is a map of  law firms (including Law Centres) who may be able to take referrals to litigate judicial review claims (actions) on welfare benefit issues.

How this map has been created

The firms shown on the map have largely been identified using the Law Society web page, 'Find a Solicitor' using the search terms 'benefits and allowances’ ‘administrative and public law’ and ‘judicial review’. Each firm identified has then been contacted by CPAG by email and has confirmed to CPAG:

  • that their firm is able to take referrals from advice workers to pursue judicial review litigation on social security issues,
  • whether they hold a public law legal aid contract or can take referrals on a pro bono basis, and
  • how / who advisers should contact to make a referral.

The information on this page has been provided by the firms shown, or obtained from the firms' publically available websites, and does not constitute a recommendation by CPAG or CPAG Scotland. CPAG accept no responsibility for the advice, information or representation provided by the firms.

England and Wales

Please feel free to contact the firms shown in England and Wales directly using the contact details provided on the map.

If you are an adviser, please also feel free to contact [email protected] either;

  • to help draft or to review your pre-action correspondence, or
  • if you have used one of CPAG's judicial review templates and it has not been successful. In this instance CPAG will advise on appropriate next steps and may be able to facilitate a referral to a law centre to issue judicial review proceedings if appropriate.  

Please feel feel to contact the firms shown in Scotland directly using the contact details provided on the map.

You may also be able to secure a representative via:

The Scottish Legal Aid Boad: Find a solicitor Find a law centre 

If you are an adviser in Scotland, CPAG Scotland can support you during the pre-litigation stage. 

Using the map

 Click on the flags to find out more about each firm including relevant contact details.

Purple: Legal Aid  

Yellow: Pro Bono  

Green: Scotland 

Blue: Pre -Action Stage support only (Note, other firms also offer pre-litigation support, this is included under their main purple, yellow or green pins)

Making your referral

Include any relevant TIME LIMITS such as the date of the decision you wish to challenge (or that it is a delay) and of any correspondence. Note the 'promptly and within 3 months' time limit to apply for judicial review from the date of the decision that you want to challenge (ie, not from and subsequent correspondence) .

Note that the following contact details have changed:

Irwin Mitchell: [email protected] or call 0370 1500 100

Greater Manchester Law Centre: [email protected]