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Map of solicitors

This is a map of firms who may be able to take referrals to litigate judicial review claims on welfare benefit issues.

Click on the flags to find out more about each firm including relevant contact details.

Purple: Legal Aid  

Yellow: Pro Bono  

Blue: Pre -Action Stage support only

Some firms have offered assistance during the action-stage as well as confirming that they may be able to accept referrals, details are within the text under each flag. 

Make sure that you include any relevant TIME LIMITS (for example the date of any decisions) when referring to any of the firms listed, noting that there is a 3 month time limit to apply for judicial review from the date of the decision that you want to challenge.

Note that the following contact details have changed:

Irwin Mitchell: [email protected] or call 0370 1500 100

Greater Manchester Law Centre: [email protected]