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LCW/LCWRA element

JR49 Failure to pay LCW element from start of claim when moving from ESA  (last updated July 2019) 

JR35 Failure to pay LCWRA element from start of claim when moving from ESA (last updated May 2019)

JR48 Failure to action a DS1500 and treat as LCWRA from start of claim (last updated July 2019)

Child element 

JR63 Delay / failure to supersede UC to include child element on birth of child or over 16 year old starting course of non-advanced education (last updated Feb 2020). NB if child has turned 16/18 and child element has stopped without UC checking if the child is still in education, this decision should be appealed. This letter applies to new entitlement to a child element, not failure to continue a child element. NB also, this letter assumes the award is not affected by the 2 child limit.

JR97 Removal of child element following 16th birthday without cheking if QYP still in FT education. (last updated Octover 2020) 

Carer element

JR64  Delay / failure to supersede UC to include carer element in line with award of Carers Allowance (last updated Feb 2020)

All elements

JR69 Failure to include elements in offer of UC Advance (ie, advance capped at 12 x 40% of standard allowance) (last updated May 2020)



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