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Delays in decision making

Delays in decision making (including HRT and failure to make enquiries)

see also Mandatory Reconsideration 

JR50 Delay in deciding a new claim: UC (following a positive HRT decision and including housing costs) (last updated April 2021)

JR40 Delay in making an HRT decision (and consequent delay in UC) (last updated April 2021)

JR41 Failure to make enquiries to establish HRT or consider C's oral evidence - UC (last updated Oct 2021) NB needs to have applied to EU settlement scheme if EU national / non EEA national with R2R dependent on an EEA national before 30/06/21 (unless has non EEA leave to remain under the Immigration Rules) and NB edits will be needed depending on whether iyou are arguing C has own R2R or is relying on that of an(other) EEA national.

JR71 Delay in superseding an Income Suport award to include SDP, causing a claim to UC which would have been prevented by a timely supersession (last updated May 2020)

JR104 Delay in deciding LCWRA - Inconclusive or no telephone WCA told "wait for a face-to-face assessment" (Last updated March 2021)


JR68 Failure to pay on a new claim while calculating a period of backdating for a previous award - UC (last updated May 2020). 

This template has been adapted with the kind permission of Osbornes Law. For help sending the pre-action letter or in the event of a negative response from DWP, please contact Osbornes Law to refer your client. 


Personal Independence Payments

JR100 Refusal/failure to extend a fixed term FTT PIP award in line with Government Covid-19 policy (last updated Feb 2021) This template has been adapted with the kind permission of Citizens Advice St Albans District (CASTAD), the DWP response to which is referenced within the text. Please let CPAG know how DWP respond: [email protected] 

JR102 Delay in providing PIP decision, impacting means tested benefit eligibility (last updated Feb 2021) This template has been adapted with the kind permission of Student Services, King’s College London.




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