Deductions: UC | CPAG

These letters can be used to challenge the level of deductions from UC where your client is experiencing financial hardship.


JR34 Refusal to reduce rent arrears deduction below 20% (when total deductions are less than 40%) (last updated May 2019)

JR33 FileTotal deductions exceed 30% of standard allowance (client not in work - deductions in this letter include UC advances, rent arrears and a tax credit o/p, the total of which exceed 30% of the client's standard allowance) (last updated Nov 2019) This letter is complex, please contact us for assistance including if your client does not have all / has different deductions than detailed in the template. There is an index to the letter at end of the document, you may find it useful to look at this first to see how the letter is structured and what changes you will need to make. Note that when you have finished, you need to update the index to include page numbers.

JR55 Refusal to reduce deductions for fines below 40% (last updated Sept 2019)