Claim closure: UC | CPAG

These letters can be used when a client's claim has been 'closed' and they include 'failure to advise of appeal rights'.

A mandatory reconsideration request should also be made as closing a claim is an appealable decsion.  

Your client can also re-claim UC, but note before they do so, they should download any documents relevant to their mandatory reconsideration request / appeal and take screen shots of their UC journal, as they are likely to lose access to their original journal as soon as a new claim is made. 

JR43 UC claim closed due to failure to attend interview or failure to provide Identity or R2R evidence (last updated June 2019)

JR52 ESA claim closed following claim to UC by Claimant enitlted to (but not receiving) SDP (last updated Aug 2019)

JR58 DS1500 has been provided but claimant has been required to accept a claimant commitment (last updated Oct 2019)