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Carers (following a death)

These letters apply where a carer on legacy benefits has to make a new claim to UC as a result of the death of the person they are caring for, and receive an 8 week run-on of carers allowance, but are not awarded the carer element in their UC and the amount of their carers allowance is deducted in full from their UC as 'unearned income'. 


JR1 UC refusal of carer element in line with 8 week carers allowance run-on after a death (last updated June 2019)

DWP acceptance of argument in letter above

JR30 UC refusal of 'run on after a death' in a new claim - BENEFIT CAP- AND refusal of carer element in line with carers allowance run-on - previous joint Income Support claim (note this assumes the claimant is male and therefore has fewer discrimination arguments than the other letters, you may wish to cut and paste some grounds from the BEDROOM TAX letters if your client is female) (last updated April 2019)