Get involved!

CPAG is trying to improve access to justice by encouraging the use of Judicial Review across the advice sector. Can you help?

Do you keep coming across a decision or action/inaction that you think is unfair and there is no obvious way to challenge it? Get in touch! We may be able to add a template to our letter templates section.

Have you written a successful Pre-Action Protocol Letter that you would be willing to share with other advisers? We might to able to turn it into a template which advisers can then download and use with their clients.

Do you know any public law solicitors who would be able to take referrals for Judicial Review litigation, or who might be happy to support advisers at the pre-action stage?

Have you used any of our letters? If so, let us know how useful you found the templates and what the outcome was. This is a new project and we need feedback!

Feel free to include a link to our templates page or other information on your website.

Contact [email protected]