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Introduction to benefits for student advisers (Glasgow) Tuesday 19 November 2019

19th November 2019
This one-day course equips advisers and frontline workers who are new to benefits with a basic knowledge of social security benefits, including universal credit and tax credits, and explains which...

Income maximisation for older people (Glasgow) Thursday 21 November 2019

21st November 2019
Older people commonly do not claim all they are entitled to. This course gives you an introduction to pension credit and aims to help you with effective benefit checks to...

Benefit basics 2019 (Glasgow) Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27 November 2019

26th November 2019 to 27th November 2019
This popular two-day course is aimed at professionals and volunteers who work with people on low incomes. It aims to help you support your clients to maximise their income and...

Overpayments of benefit and tax credits (Glasgow) Thursday 28 November 2019

28th November 2019
Benefit may be overpaid for many reasons and recovery often leaves people in hardship. Using practical examples, this course equips you to deal with overpayments by taking a systematic approach...

Universal credit - supporting clients (Glasgow) Thursday 5 December 2019

5th December 2019
How can you help your service users manage universal credit? With an online system, claiming processes that many find difficult, delays and payment issues that can lead to debt, getting...

Introduction to welfare rights (Glasgow) Monday 13 January to Friday 17 January 2020

13th January 2020 to 17th January 2020
This is essential training if you are starting off as a welfare rights adviser or need a good understanding of the benefits system. It introduces you to the key resources...

Becoming an effective trainer (Glasgow) Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 January 2020

22nd January 2020 to 23rd January 2020
This two-day interactive and practical course is designed to increase your skills and confidence if you are new to training, and to enable you to re-examine and update your style...

Challenging PIP decisions (Glasgow) Tuesday 28 January 2020

28th January 2020
This one-day course looks at how to challenge personal independence payment (PIP) decisions. There is an opportunity to discuss how the different PIP criteria affect appeal tactics, and think through...

Universal credit update and tactics (Glasgow) Wednesday 29 January 2020

29th January 2020
Universal credit (UC) changes all the time, as the law is amended, as it is implemented in practice, and as local delivery changes. This course is an opportunity for experienced...

PIP and attendance allowance - an introduction (Glasgow) Thursday 30 January 2020

30th January 2020
This one-day course gives you an introduction to personal independence payment (PIP) and attendance allowance (AA), both vitally important benefits for people with disabilities. This introductory course is aimed at...