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Benefits for EEA nationals (Glasgow) 8 September 2020

8th September 2020
This one-day standard level course looks at the benefit rules that particularly affect EEA nationals. Focusing on the operation of the right to reside, habitual residence and past presence tests...

Disability payment for children in Scotland (Glasgow) 10 September 2020

10th September 2020
This course provides an understanding of the new disability assistance for children and young people being introduced in Scotland in 2020. This new benefit replaces disability living allowance for children...

Benefits Overview (London) 11 September 2020

11th September 2020
This one-day introductory level course provides an overview of the benefits system and examines how the system is affected by the introduction of universal credit. The course covers: • The...

Universal Credit: Housing Costs (London) 14 September 2020

14th September 2020
Universal credit (UC) claimants often have difficulties getting their Housing Costs element included in their claim and having the right amount paid on time. This one-day course focusses on the...

Introduction to welfare rights (Glasgow) 14 - 18 September 2020

14th September 2020 to 18th September 2020
This is essential training if you are starting off as a welfare rights adviser or need a good understanding of the benefits system. It introduces you to the social security...

Income Maximisation for Older People (Manchester) 15 September 2020

15th September 2020
Older people commonly do not claim all that they are entitled to. This course provides an introduction to pension credit and aims to help you with effective benefit checks to...

Universal Credit: Where Are We Now (Manchester) 18 September 2020

18th September 2020
Universal credit is now available for new claims everywhere in Great Britain, meaning many more people are affected every day. Almost all claimant groups of working age can claim, including...

Universal Credit: from A to Z (Birmingham) 22 & 23 September 2020

22nd September 2020 to 23rd September 2020
This two-day course provides trainees with a comprehensive understanding of universal credit from initial claim to challenging DWP errors. The emphasis is on problem solving and giving advisers all of...

Kinship care, looked-after children and the benefits system (Glasgow) 23 September 2020

23rd September 2020
This course looks at benefit issues where there is social work involvement with a child and their family. It covers kinship care and children looked after by the local authority...

Universal Credit Update: Problem Areas and Tactics (London) 25 September 2020

25th September 2020
Universal credit changes all the time, as the law is amended, as it is implemented in practice, and as local delivery changes. This course is an opportunity for experienced advisers...