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Benefit and Tax Credit Law Update, 26 & 27 October 2021 ONLINE

26th October 2021 to 27th October 2021
Social security law and tax credit law can change from day to day and advisers need to keep abreast of developments to advise their clients correctly. Arranged under topic headings...

Changing Decisions: Mandatory Reconsiderations and Other Tactics, 1 & 2 November 2021 ONLINE

1st November 2021 to 2nd November 2021
If you are an adviser who faces barriers to overcoming problems with universal credit or other benefit claims and decisions, this course gives you the essential knowledge you need. To...

Attendance Allowance - an introduction, 2 November 2021 ONLINE

2nd November 2021
Attendance allowance (AA) is the main disability benefit for people who have reached pension age. Getting an award of AA can significantly increase income and so it is a crucial...

Universal Credit for Disabled People, 3 & 4 November 2021 ONLINE

3rd November 2021 to 4th November 2021
This one-day experienced level online course looks at the universal credit (UC) rules that particularly affect ill or disabled people. It will equip you to advise clients about the transfer...

Benefits for EEA Nationals, 8 & 9 November 2021 ONLINE

8th November 2021 to 9th November 2021
The rules affecting benefit entitlements for EEA nationals became more complex from the start of 2021 and were further restricted from 1 July 2021. This standard level course sets out...

Looking up the Law Online, 10 & 11 November 2021 ONLINE

10th November 2021 to 11th November 2021
Build your skills with this practical course on effective legal research for benefit casework. Competent casework starts by knowing the right questions to ask your client. Whether you are helping...

Universal credit – an introduction, 12 November 2021 ONLINE

12th November 2021
How can you help your service users manage universal credit? Supporting people with an online system, especially if you are working from home, can be difficult. Understanding the claim process...

WCA – Exceptional Opportunities, 16 November 2021 ONLINE

16th November 2021
The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) test dominates ESA and UC in relation to sick claimants. The ‘exceptional circumstances test (otherwise ‘risk to self or others’) should apply with equal force...

Using the ‘aids and appliances’ rules in PIP, 17 November 2021 ONLINE

17th November 2021
This half-day online training course explains how the need for ‘aids and appliances’ can help establish and protect a PIP claim. The same rules can also reduce entitlements. This course...

Appeals to the Upper Tribunal, 17 & 18 November 2021 ONLINE

17th November 2021 to 18th November 2021
This course is essential for anyone who wants to challenge decisions of the First-tier Tribunal (Social Entitlement Chamber) effectively. The main aim of the course is to give you an...