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Representing at the First-tier Tribunal (Glasgow) 5 - 6 November 2020

5th November 2020 to 6th November 2020
This popular two-day course gives a basic grounding in representing clients at the First-tier Tribunal. Through mock tribunals, participants gain experience in a safe environment where there is nothing to...

Benefits for people from abroad (Glasgow) 11 - 12 November 2020

11th November 2020 to 12th November 2020
This two-day course aims to equip you to advise claimants from abroad, both European and non-European nationals. Using a step-by-step approach and practical examples, it helps you understand how the...

Universal credit for ill health and disability (Glasgow) 24 November 2020

24th November 2020
As the migration to universal credit (UC) continues more people with ill health and disabilities will come under UC. This course looks at the UC rules that particularly affect ill...

Dealing with destitution (Glasgow) 26 November 2020

26th November 2020
Working with people who have been left destitute due to a problem with their benefits can be challenging for advisers. This course focuses on the most common causes of this...

Overpayments of benefit and tax credits (Glasgow) 1 December 2020

1st December 2020
Benefit may be overpaid for many reasons and recovery often leaves people in hardship. Using practical examples, this course equips you to deal with overpayments by taking a systematic approach...

Using legislation and caselaw (Glasgow) 18 February 2021

18th February 2021
Build your skills with this practical course. If you prepare cases for reconsideration or appeal, knowing when and how to refer to the law can make your case more effective,...

Students and benefits - eligibility (Glasgow) 25 February 2021

25th February 2021
Many advisers work with students in both further and higher education. This one-day course explains the different benefits that further and higher education students can claim, including universal credit. The...

Universal credit - claimant responsibilities and sanctions (Glasgow) 10 March 2021

10th March 2021
Work-related requirements are a cornerstone of universal credit and claimants are frequently sanctioned. This course will give you a good understanding of what goes into a claimant commitment and the...

Universal credit and students (Glasgow) 16 March 2021

16th March 2021
With the introduction of universal credit, the benefit rules for students as we know them are swept away and new rules set up in their place. This one-day course explains...