How ‘reliability’ regulation 4 can save PIP, 27 June 2022 ONLINE

27th June 2022
This half-day online training course explains how PIP entitlement ‘points’ can be scored if you show you cannot do something ‘reliably’. In this way, understanding reliability regulation 4 is vital...

Benefits for Non-Benefit Advisers, 30 June & 1 July 2022 ONLINE

30th June 2022 to 1st July 2022
This essential one-day course, held over two mornings, is aimed at non-benefit staff and volunteers working with people for whom benefits are an issue. It provides a comprehensive overview of...

WCA – Exceptional Opportunities, 4 & 5 July 2022 ONLINE

4th July 2022 to 5th July 2022
The work capability assessment (WCA) test dominates ESA and UC in relation to sick claimants. The ‘exceptional circumstances test (otherwise ‘risk to self or others’) should apply with equal force...

Benefits for EEA Nationals - Advanced, 5 & 6 July 2022 ONLINE

5th July 2022 to 6th July 2022
This experienced level course looks in detail at the social security rights of EEA nationals in the UK. It provides an opportunity for advisers who are familiar with some of...

Limited Capability for Work in Universal Credit, 6 July 2022 ONLINE

6th July 2022
This half-day standard level online course looks at how limited capability for work rules affect UC. The outcome of the work capability assessment has a crucial role in determining claimants’...

Universal Credit - Housing Costs, 7 & 8 July 2022 ONLINE

7th July 2022 to 8th July 2022
Universal credit (UC) claimants often have difficulties getting their Housing Costs element included in their claim and having the right amount paid on time. This one-day course, delivered over two...

Webinar: Universal credit: teenage angst, 7 July 2022

7th July 2022
The rules concerning entitlement to UC for people who are “receiving education” are a common source of confusion amongst advisers. The picture for disabled students is further complicated by recent...

[FULLY BOOKED] Best Practice in Completing the PIP Questionnaire, 8 July 2022 ONLINE

8th July 2022
This half-day online training course explains how the PIP claim process works and the importance of the PIP2 questionnaire. It looks at what makes a good PIP claim, and how...

Universal Credit, 11 & 12 July 2022 ONLINE

11th July 2022 to 12th July 2022
This training course focuses on Universal Credit (UC), the centre piece of the Government’s welfare reform programme. Universal Credit is now at ‘full roll out’ across the UK and applies...

Students and Universal Credit, 13 July 2022 ONLINE

13th July 2022
The interaction of universal credit with student finance can be a difficult one. Which students can claim, what they can claim and how student loans and grants affect those payments...